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Ukraine: online advertising – the lever of commerce

Ukraine: online advertising – the lever of commerce

Trade, and the food and cosmetics industries are the most forcefully promoted sectors on the Ukrainian online video advertising market. Which brands put out the most video clips on the Ukrainian Internet, and which sites do they use to reach their clientele? The latest Gemius study tells all.

The TOP3: trade, food, cosmetics

The leader of online video advertising in Ukraine is the trade sector. Video spots for this sector reached 9.8 million real users in November, with 101 million views (source: gemiusAdReal). Second place went to the food sector with 85 million views by 9.8 million internet users. Last on the podium is the cosmetics industry, whose creations were accessed 68 million times by 8.6 million web users.

In trade, local brands rule online video

Among commercial sector brands promoting themselves through online advertising spots, local companies lead. The big five with the largest share of video advert emissions for this sector are led by, whose videos were encountered by 48% of the 9.8 million real users reached by commercial brand adverts. The subsequent places are taken by (44 per cent), Silpo (36 per cent), (32 per cent) and Foxtrot (29 per cent).

Jacobs in the food sector and Nivea for cosmetics

In the two remaining sectors – foods and cosmetics – foreign brands lead the pack. Food advertisers leading the video viewing figures were: Jacobs (33 per cent), Dirol (28 per cent), Orbit (25 per cent), Snickers (24 per cent), and Homka (24 per cent). In the cosmetics sector it was such advertisers as Nivea (48 per cent), Colgate (41 per cent), L’Oreal (26 per cent), Garnier (23 per cent) and Chistaya Linia (19 per cent).

Google Group is top pick

The top three publishers by frequency of advertising clip views in the trade, food and cosmetics sectors were Google Group, the Group and the social media site Google Group websites had the greatest quantitative share in online video advertising in the commercial and cosmetics sector, with, respectively, 36 and 27 per cent of advertisers reached by adverts from the sectors in question watching them on those sites. Meanwhile, adverts for comestibles were most commonly put out via the site (29 per cent).

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