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Publishers discover their full potential on the web

Emil Pawłowski, Chief science officer

Advertisers are planning their advertising expenditures even more carefully and publishers are tracking mobile device emissions more effectively. Emil Pawłowski, director of methodology for Gemius, writes about the benefits of Gemius’ new methodology for counting internet users.

How will the introduction of the total reach index change the day-to-day work of media planners?

The total reach index allows you to define how many internet users visit a particular website, regardless of whether they use a computer, tablet or smartphone. As a result, media planners can ensure that their advertising message reaches the target audience more efficiently. Our new system also shows the percentage of users that view a given site via the various different devices used to connect to the internet.

In their day-to-day work, media planners are faced with many difficult questions, such as: Which group of internet users is most likely to use mobile devices? How can they increase the total reach of a particular website across the internet? Are these users also utilising other devices to connect to the internet? Could planning an advertising campaign on a particular device allow this group of potential consumers to be reached? The total reach index will help media planners to answer all these questions.

What impact will the new methodology have on advertisers and their spending?

The new methodology allows the calculation of reach duplication across devices. On this basis an advertiser will know, for example, when the costs of developing reach on a certain platform are rising, whether it pays to change the terms of the campaign and buy more emissions on other devices.

As can be seen, using our new system enables better planning of advertising expenditures and allows specific target groups to be reached more effectively.

How will publishers be able to use the new methodology to develop their company’s business?

The new methodology enables publishers to establish how many internet users they are actually reaching with their proposed message. Up until now, publishers have been receiving data divided by PC, tablet and smartphone. The new feature is the information about the total reach of their websites. Examining the total reach generated by all devices used to connect to the internet makes it easier for publishers to make decisions related to the development of their sites or mobile applications. They can now offer internet users access to their content on any device. It does not matter whether people are using computers or portable devices – the true advertising potential of sites or applications will not decline even if more and more people are browsing via a smartphone or tablet.

The new system can also help publishers in the effective valuation of adverts on mobile devices, which goes hand in hand with increasing profits. For example, publishers can move away from individual pricing for entering a site using separate devices towards total sales of advertising space, regardless of the device. This will allow for optimisation in reaching a specific group of internet users, with the same advertising space as before.

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Emil Pawłowski

Chief science officer

Gemius methodology expert with extensive knowledge in online research and online market. For over a dozen years now, he has been dealing with media (TV, the internet) and advertising campaign research.

As R&D Director at Redefine, one of the biggest Polish online TV publishers, he supervised the development of research projects. His earlier career includes Nielsen and AGB, where he contributed to methodology and analytical tools development.

At Gemius, as Methodology Director, he is responsible for the development of research methodology products in the company’s offer.

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