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77% of Internet users buy online. E-commerce in Poland report

77% of Internet users buy online. E-commerce in Poland report

The percentage of Poles shopping online increased by 4 pp compared to the previous year. This is the result of the 2021 edition of the report "E-commerce in Poland” prepared by Gemius. It has been published for the 9th time. The report treats about changes in e-consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. See a summary of the most interesting information.

Another year with an increase in the number of online buyers

This year's report shows that as many as 77% of internet users have made online purchases at least once. Most of them were women, people over 35, with higher education and residents of the largest cities.

The pandemic is changing the market

Another year of increase in the percentage of online buyers may be connected with the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions in traditional trade. We asked the respondents whether they changed their consumer behavior due to the lockdown. It turned out that 30% of e-consumers buy more products online, and 33% shop online more often. For 13% of respondents, online has become the first choice channel when looking for various products.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on online shopping preferences

The reason for transferring some purchases online is primarily the unlimited availability of online stores. Online buyers also appreciate the speed and profitability of such purchases, as well as their safety, which is especially important during a pandemic.

They still don't buy online

Currently, those who do not buy online constitute 23% of all Internet users, and the reasons why they do not buy online are mainly related to the desire to see the product before making the transaction and being used to traditional trade. When asked about issues that could encourage them to e-shopping in the future, non-online buyers most often pointed to lower delivery and product costs as well as discount codes available online. The group of non-online buyers is dominated by the oldest respondents and people from smaller towns and with lower education.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular

As in the previous pandemic wave, the most popular device used in the online shopping process is currently a laptop (78% of responses), but its advantage over the smartphone - second in the ranking - has clearly decreased. Today, as many as 76% of respondents buy online using the phone. In the youngest group (people aged 15-24) 92% prefer this device. 

Despite the growing popularity of mobile shopping, still as many as 80% of people shop online through this type of device find difficulties and problems in this process. Most often they point to uncomfortable forms (38% of responses) or maladjustment of store websites to mobile devices (36%).

About report

The aim of the study which results were presented in the report "E-commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska ”was to learn about attitudes, habits and motivations related to online shopping. The subject of the study was, among others, the shopping behavior of e-consumers, brand recognition, factors that encourage Internet users to buy online, but also problems encountered by users. The research presented in the report was carried out in the form of an electronic questionnaire using the CAWI (computer-assisted web interview) technique on a representative sample of 1,769 Internet users aged 15 and over. Data were collected at the turn of May and June 2021.

You can download whole report in polish version here.

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