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Gemius Turkey: We searched for 'love' in digital

Gemius Turkey: We searched for 'love' in digital

In order to save time, we now do many things about daily life through mobile applications. Those who want to save time in love are looking for it in digital. Gemius Turkey focused on the #gemiusAudience data of those who were looking for love digitally and examined the popular Dating applications. 

According to Gemius Audience's data covering January 2022, the number of users of private dating applications exceeded 7.4 million. In other words, 12 out of every 100 people who used the internet in Turkey could not take their eyes off Dating Apps in January. According to Gemius Audience's data, most of private dating applications users are between 18-44. It is seen that those in the 25-34 age range are ahead of the others.

Men are more involved

Focusing based on gender, it is seen that men are more interested in Dating Apps. With result of 55.18%, men use dating apps more frequently than women. While interest in Dating Apps is increasing day by day, it is noteworthy that most of those who are using Dating Apps also do their grocery shopping by supermarket applications. On the other hand, these users show great interest in music content. While the intensity of consuming music content of Dating App users is 123% above the internet average, the rate of those using supermarket applications is 110%.

We spend more tıme on Tınder

Tinder was the application that noted the most visitors in January 2022. With 3.9 million real users, Tinder is followed by OkCupid with 2.6 million and Happn with 1.3 million. When we look at the average time spent per person, it is remarkable that Tinder users spent more time using the application (1 hour and 25 minutes), while on the other apps users spent 37 minutes (OkCupid) and 20 minutes (Happn). There are significant differences between the user bases of Tinder, Happn and OkCupid, which attract great attention in Turkey. We see that Tinder is predominantly made up of users between the ages of 25-44. While the 35-44 age range predominates in Happn. The average age of the users is decreasing in OkCupid and it is noteworthy that the 18-24 age range stands out.

Women are less interested in Happn

Tinder, Happn and OkCupid, which are the leading entities in the Dating App category in Turkey, offer very striking data in terms of the gender distribution area. According to Gemius Audience's data, male users outweigh the expectations in all three applications. However, while the ratio of men to women in Tinder and OkCupid remains between 54-55 percent, this rate reaches 69 percent in Happn. While there is no big difference in gender distribution on Tinder and OkCupid, it seems that women do not prefer Happn that much.

Tınder users are shoppıng with their smartphones

Tinder, Happn and OkCupid noted significant differences based on their users in the analysed period. Tinder users also prefer to consume online music apps and do their shopping mostly through supermarket applications.

About gemiusAudience

gemiusAudience sets a new standard in the presentation of Internet media usage data, competition monitoring, media and campaign planning. Our solution provides you with a dependable source of information and reliable benchmarking of your activity against your competitors. On the online landscape quick reaction is the key to success and now, with gemiusAudience, you can make better business decisions based on the real digital trends!  

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