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Wir Zusammen a campaign like no other

Wir Zusammen a campaign like no other

The refugee crisis is a topic discussed in the entire Europe nowadays. In Germany, the destination point of many immigrants, a group of entrepreneurs decided to deal with the difficult situation of the immigrants by offering a solution good for both German economics and the refugees.

Campaign Wir Zusammen features some of the biggest brands on the market. Though widely advertised it is not a marketing tool, but a social campaign.

The campaign, consisting of 3 different 20 seconds videos debuted on September 10th and noted approximately 2 000 000 Real users and around 10 000 000 impressions in this month alone when it ran for two days (10-11.09.16). It was advertised again in October, also only for two days on the 4th and 7th when 5 939 436 of real users began watching the videos and the number of 21 699 524 impressions was achieved according to gemiusAdreal, all of them on 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH websites - and The videos convince that two workers – an immigrant and a native – create the perfect cooperation that could not be achieved if one of them was neglected by the company’s HR.

Wir Zusammen is an initiative created by Ralph Dommermuth, the CEO and founder of United Internet AG. The goal of the campaign is to convince the market that German enterprises should actively participate in the integration of the refugees by giving them job opportunities.

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Marta Sułkiewicz

Chief Executive Gemius GmbH & Chief Growth Officer Gemius Global

Marta Sułkiewicz is a digital marketing expert with over sixteen years of experience. She developed her combined skills as a manager and gathered business analytics experience by conducting numerous 360 marketing projects in digital media and running advertising dep. in publishing house. Since 2015 in Gemius. As a Chief Sales Officer, EMEA&APAC, she took care of gemiusAdReal – a new revolutionary digital campaigns monitoring tool. Starting form 2019 she has become Chief Executive for German market. In the beginning of 2020 Sułkiewicz has been promoted to the role of Chief Growth Officer, taken responsiblity for a strategic growth and development of Gemius business.

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