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Publishers market in 2014 – breakthroughs by Gemius



by Tomas Panders, International Publisher Segment Manager at Gemius

Event of the year

Without a doubt, DMEXCO was the main conference event in the adtech industry this year, overthrowing “Adtech London”, which has shifted its focus to marketing. There were almost all the biggest companies present, either with their stands or representatives. Dmexco is were all decision makers are close at hand. Clients don’t make up majority of the participants and many of my talks took place within the circles of technology vendors rather than publishers. But since we live in a world connected with programmatic media buying, there is a lot of business to do in-between. It actually makes the conference atmosphere more friendly. The evening party could have been a more lively event, but after 2 days full of meetings it’s not easy to remain a party animal.

Success of the year

French company Criteo goes for public stock offering at NY stock exchange. Sweden-based Admeta acquired by Wideorbit as US video platforms are stacking up. Videoplaza video adserver acquired by Ooyala for the same reasons. With recent intentions of Yahoo to buy Brightroll, we can believe that video is stepping on the stage as an important business generator, not just trend which was proclaimed years ago. Video platforms are mature enough and the race between competitors has started.

Disappointment of the year

The adaptation of Html5 by media companies has been relatively slow. Similarly to other new technologies, the initial costs of production is higher. In fact, advertisers have to spend more to reach the same audience as before. That’s because the same creative solutions for mobile media are cheaper than for html5. Once technology vendors make html5 more accessible, it will make sense to change all advertising creatives from Flash to html5. Presumably, the media cost will stay higher since the mobile space is more limited than desktop and brands have to pay for such exclusive attention of users. Gemius is keeping a close eye on Denmark, where the share of page views generated from mobile traffic reached 48.19% this summer.

Personality of the year

Pavel Durov, the Russian social media site founder, refused to sacrifice the confidentiality of his website users. Unfortunately, the only possible solution for him to avoid the government’s oppression was to sell his stake and move out of Russia. Not many people have the guts to even get into such discussions. So far none of the western companies, like Facebook and Google, have informed the public of their plans, which makes us think they obey the new law.

Trend of the year

Programmatic is here to stay. While in the top European markets it has reached the maturity to be used for direct deals, the open RTB has been incorporated by media companies in most of European countries. Also Gemius has started to provide offers for agencies and solutions to publishers across its region.

Prediction for 2015

Authorities are increasingly aware about data confidentiality. In several European countries, as well as in Brussels, politicians are discussing more strict rules that would apply not only to websites, but also the technology vendors. We can expect that online users rights will be protected better and strict measures towards big global players will be imposed.

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