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Poland: In the kitchen, smartphone in hand

Poland: In the kitchen, smartphone in hand

In April, Poles surfed the `Net for an average of 2 hours 40 minutes a day – 20 minutes less than in March. They took a short break during the holidays, but only on personal computers and laptops. At the Easter table, mobile screens were still lit up. According to a Gemius study, the Internet was also helpful on the small screen during kitchen preparations for Easter.

Ladies cook while looking at the screen

From April 11 to 15 there was a clear increase in the number of web users visiting culinary websites (source: Gemius/PBI study). They recorded a total of 57 million page views, which is one third of total visits made in the month. Culinary websites were mostly viewed by women – with 1.8 million of them on April 14, almost three times more than men. Interestingly, four of the five sites most visited by women that day were mostly accessed via mobile devices. Have mobiles and tablets kicked cookbooks out of the kitchen?

Web-free Saturday

Gemius data shows a Saturday lull in interest in the Internet. Each week of April saw a drop in network users and page views after Friday. The fewest Internet users were to be found on Saturday April 1, at 16.9 million. Easter Sunday was also a day of limited online activity. However, the holiday withdrawal from the Internet was mainly to be seen on personal computers and laptops, and April 15 and 16 were the only days of last month when mobile Internet users outnumbered online computer users (on April 16 the difference was 800,000). ‘Net users made up for their Easter abstinence immediately after the holidays; April 18 was the record for the month, with 20.4 million people online, for an average of 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Gemius looked into which days, for how long, and via which devices Polish internet users used the network in April of 2017. The analysis was based on data for web users aged from 7 to 75. The number of internet users in Poland last month was 27.8 million.

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