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Breakthroughs in Polish e-commerce in 2015

What changes did 2015 bring to e-commerce? Katarzyna Binert, business consultant at Gemius, answers this question.

Event of the Year

One such event in the e-commerce industry was the purchase of by CCC. It was one of Poland’s largest acquisitions in e-commerce. It should also by noted that both companies are Polish.

Success of the Year

More and more Polish internet users shop on foreign websites. This can be seen in the example of the growing popularity of According to Gemius’ data, it was the second most popular foreign online store in Poland for 2015. It offers direct online purchases from China with free shipping to Poland.

Failure of the Year

Undoubtedly, mobile shopping can be considered a failure. Nearly eight out of ten respondents shop online using a laptop. Admittedly, in 2015 as many as 37 per cent of respondents used smartphones and tablets when shopping online; however the transactions were not completed. Often, this was due to the lack of mobile versions of the online stores, or their failure to enable proper registration or payments. Therefore, just because we do not shop using smartphones, it does not mean we do not use them for online shopping.

Man of the Year

It is impossible to name one. This title should go to e-consumers, as they are the ones who have set the latest trends and seek to satisfy their needs.

Trend of the Year

Cross-border trade, made possible thanks to the adoption of the online consumer rights act. Every eighth Polish internet user shops on foreign websites. It was all thanks to a change in the law allowing buyers to return goods without giving a reason. The interest in foreign online shopping will certainly continue to grow. All the more so, because, for example, enabled Polish customers to make online purchases without having to pay shipping costs.

Forecast for 2016

The chances are that Amazon will open a Polish online store, which will directly increase the quality of services and the competitiveness of offers, and most certainly lower delivery prices. In the battle for the customer, one weapon will be crucial – Big Data, especially in terms of content and offer customization, as well as customer relationship management.

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Katarzyna Binert

e-commerce manager w firmie Gemius

w Gemiusie zajmuje się pozyskiwaniem i obsługą reklamodawców z branży ubezpieczeniowej, finansowej i e-commerce. Pomaga klientom wybierać odpowiednie usługi i narzędzia, dzięki którym mogą osiągać wymierny sukces. Wcześniej jako Account Manager w GoldenLine, odpowiadała za sprzedaż reklamy w serwisie oraz dobór odpowiednich narzędzi rekrutacyjnych.

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