2015-02-10 12:13

New Gemius website

Analyses, opinions, guides – these are the contents of the new Gemius site. The project is an illustration of the company’s slogan: We support knowledge driven business decisions.com. The website debuts today. 

Check out at www.gemius.com. The new Gemius website is a source of insight into the internet. It offers interesting facts about the Polish online audience, websites and market trends, but also data and analysis from abroad.

“This new website is our little publishing venture, addressed to the present and future clients”, comments Piotr Ejdys, President of Gemius. 

“We want to share our knowledge with the world. This is why we bet on analyses, opinions and advice by our market experts and business consultants”, says Piotr Ejdys.

Setting up this this website was an interesting and fresh experience, which came as a success thanks to fruitful cooperation with the agency Autentika”, he adds.

Vesna Gordon, International Sales and Marketing Director at Gemius, explains that the new corporate website is an expression of Gemius’s new market approach. “Each day our clients use our services to gather and process huge amounts of data. As an online audience measurement company, web analytics, campaign measurement and ad serving provider, we have been supporting them for the last 15 years. Over that time  time we managed to collect huge amounts of data, and now together with our clients we are developing an idea on creating even bigger value for business understanding out of those big data. As the clients’ environment is not necessary related only to the online world, topics such as online – offline data integrations are natural next steps we take along with our business knowledge and recommendations, helping our clients to wrap up successful business decisions. The website is just a sample of what we can do – says Vesna Gordon.

Over the next few months the website will also be implemented in over ten other markets where Gemius holds its local offices.

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