2015-12-11 09:33

New Gemius data in Ukraine. Better quality for all market players

Gemius has been publishing new quality total audience data on a monthly basis since October 2015. It is now possible to collect data from all devices with intersection and socio-demographic data on PC, mobile phone/smartphone and tablet internet users. This is great news for publishers and advertisers – the rate of data delivery is halved.

The study previously delivered information on the internet population of different devices without intersection and showing the socio-demographic characteristics of PC users only. The breakthrough was made possible thanks to an innovative methodology developed by Gemius experts. Importantly, the new methodology offers the ability to publish data two weeks earlier, so that publishers, advertisers and other market players will be able to proceed to the analysis of the results of the gemiusAudience study in the middle of the month.

New quality data on mobile users

Since October, Gemius has also been delivering socio-demographic data on mobile users. The indicators are relevant for publishers, as they can analyze the profile of their mobile audience, and for advertisers, who can use the data for more effective online campaign planning on mobile devices.


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