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Gemius on the Ukrainian market - 10th anniversary

Gemius on the Ukrainian market - 10th anniversary

A tried-and-true partner in business as well as a source of reliable and up-to-date information – this is Gemius in Ukraine, a firm which is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being on the Ukrainian market. In honor of the occasion, Gemius interviewed Lesya Prus, who is in charge of the firm’s Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh branches. 

You are an example of a young, productive manager. Could you please share what your management style?

We have come a long way, actually. We are celebrating 10 years of our company on the Ukrainian market this year, and I realized that I have been in the company for one-third of my life. I started from the very beginning. Considering all the stages of my career development, starting from office manager, then moving on to sales and supervision manager, I can say my management style is, first of all, very open. I am truly open toward my employees; they can always come to me and ask anything they want, even if it concerns their private life. Also, we follow the rule – to support each other we need to be able to replace each other any time if needed. What’s also important is to try to create a positive mood in the office. If you are happy and enthusiastic, it means that all the processes within the company will work more efficiently.

How do you establish cooperation with your international colleagues and partners?

Gemius now covers 30 markets all over the world. Apart from the Ukrainian office, I am also responsible for Kazakhstan and Russia. Everything depends on personal relationships with people. We have certain values in Gemius. We value respect; we need to respect our clients, employees and the company itself, and this is the only way to achieve long-term sustainability. We need to be responsible for what we promise and what we do. We have a lot of trainings and workshops with our international colleagues, so we always keep in touch. We meet once per quarter in the head office in Poland to discuss what we are doing and where we are going. We keep the same high standards of work in every market but we are very flexible in terms of solutions; we adjust them to every local need. Moreover, what’s most important to our customers is that we provide data security.

Can you please list the latest trends in your business?

- Internet penetration.
- E-Mobile. Internet usage from mobile devices is growing; mobile advertising is also gaining popularity since people consume content differently on different devices. We need to study their behavior, their ways of consuming ads on all platforms.
- Video ads.
- E-commerce. Development of the sector, finding ways for better logistics.
- Big Data.
- Real-time bidding. Personalized, behaviorally targeted advertising.

What is success for you? And what is the best recipe for success?

Keep calm and do business. Just really be confident in what you promise to clients, partners and employees; this is the best recipe. We have 6 girls in the Ukrainian office and only 1 man. So try to imagine these daily emotions - we call it “Girl Power”.

How does your career influence your personality and life in general?

The CEO of Gemius once told me, “You need to find a balance between your private and professional life.” It’s not easy, but when you find it, you see that it’s really worthwhile. That is what I am trying to do. You need to leave all your problems at work and be a good mother and a lovely wife, a good daughter and friend when you come back home. Also, you need to know that your family is proud of you. I started my career at the same time when I gave the birth to my daughter, so she is part of Gemius, too.

Who or what has been your greatest motivation in life?

My family and my professional life are my greatest motivations, all at the same time. I am always with my laptop on my vacations. I’m part of Gemius even when on holidays. From the other side, when my family tells me at the end of the day that they are proud of me and love me, it gives me new strength. So as not to go crazy from constant work, I also like to travel, too. I keep my motivation while planning new travels. I adore it.

If there were one thing you could change in the present Ukraine, what would it be?

Globally, peace and a stable financial situation. If talking about our business, I would like people to be more open-minded and ready for experimentation. Technologies are changing quickly and our market also needs to follow the trends and react fast to these changes. Unfortunately, for the last year, I have been hearing often that our market is not ready. I would like to change this attitude.

Interviewed by Alla Banquy, Brand Communications Manager, European Business Association

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Lesya Prus

Head of both Ukrainian and Russian branch and industry expert