2016-09-23 10:38

Hacker attack statement

Hacker attack statement


We confirm that, in August, Gemius was the victim of a hacker attack. Clients were informed of the situation. The servers and data are protected. Client data was unharmed and remains completely safe. We are now collaborating with the prosecutor's office on this matter.

In response to the fears propagated in the media that, following the hacker attack, Gemius scripts might facilitate the installation of malicious software, the Gemius Board announces that the hackers did not gain access to Gemius scripts, they have not been replaced, and internet users visiting Polish websites are safe.

We are currently implementing the ISO 27001 system, which is the information security standard. We are equipped with the appropriate tools to respond to threats. We have raised security standards and we are planning subsequent security audits in relation to this.

The Gemius Management Board

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