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Gemius triumphs again in Hungary

Gemius triumphs again in Hungary

For the third time, Gemius has been chosen as the official provider of internet measurement in Hungary. Under the contract, the company will be sharing data with Hungarian customers on the viewership of websites from day to day. This is a new feature on the local market. The 5-year contract comes into effect in January 2018.

The Digital Audience Council (Digitális Közönségmérés Tanács), the Hungarian industry organisation which has been responsible for the development of the internet market for the last 15 years, has selected Gemius once again. As a result of the collaboration, Gemius will be providing their trademark Overnight methodology, which enables the production of daily internet data. This allows publishers and advertisers to check the reach of particular websites on a day-to-day basis.

‘The fact that we have again won the tender for the Hungarian market confirms the high quality of our online measurement methodology,’ says Vesna Gordon, CSO at Gemius. ‘The Overnight methodology is used by advertisers and publishers in six markets, and representatives from the Hungarian online industry will soon be joining the group. They will be getting a new quality of data that has not been available to them before,’ adds Gordon.

The Overnight methodology was honoured in the IAB Europe Research Awards in 2016, with Gemius winning the trophy for the best research project in Europe.

Gemius has been conducting internet studies on the Hungarian market since 2007. The company began in Poland 18 years ago, and its solutions are now used in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The Polish company competed against TNS-Mediameter and Ipsos-DotMetrics in the Hungarian tender.

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Vesna Gordon (Zakarič)

Chief Sales Officer at Gemius

Gemius expert in online and offline business analytics and research. As a manager,  Vesna is dedicated to business knowledge development around Gemius technology and establishing new industry practices based on the company’s previous experience, with a focus on clients and market needs.

At Gemius, as CSO and member of the Board of Directors, she is responsible for sales and business processes in general, improving the existing and developing new go-to-market models. 

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