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Gemius teams up with Stars

Gemius teams up with Stars

Gemius has entered into a partnership with the company Stars, which advises media organisations. Under the contract, Gemius has made available the gemiusAdReal study, which shows how internet users watch ads. Customers of Stars will profit from this knowledge, receiving more in-depth analysis of their online advertising operations. 

At the beginning of May, Stars gained access to the gemiusAdReal study, which allows them to analyse the online advertising activities of their customers and their competitors. Data from the Gemius study will be used by Stars to create a new measure to evaluate the effectiveness of its clients' online advertising efforts.

‘We are glad that the gemiusAdReal study can provide information of value not only to advertisers, agencies and publishers, but also to consulting or media auditing companies,’ says Marta Sułkiewicz, responsible for the development of online advertising research at Gemius. ‘We believe that, using the research tool, Stars can set new standards in the online advertising market, which is increasingly being entered by auditors who had previously focused on television, and by consulting companies in the field of big data,’ adds Sułkiewicz.

‘It was with high hopes that we began analyzing the data provided by Gemius through gemiusAdReal study. Thanks to the results, we will be better able to assess the media value of our clients’ online campaigns. This is one element of our analytics and consulting growth strategy, which will provide marketers with a full picture of real media activities on the market,’ explains Rafał Szysz, CEO of Stars.

Stars will be the first media consulting firm to use gemiusAdReal data to analyse clients' advertising campaigns.

GemiusAdReal has received recognition from the European online industry. In the IAB Europe Research Awards competition, Gemius' methodology has been nominated for the main prize in two categories: Audience Measurement and Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour.

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Marta Sułkiewicz

Chief Executive Gemius GmbH & Chief Growth Officer Gemius Global

Marta Sułkiewicz is a digital marketing expert with over sixteen years of experience. She developed her combined skills as a manager and gathered business analytics experience by conducting numerous 360 marketing projects in digital media and running advertising dep. in publishing house. Since 2015 in Gemius. As a Chief Sales Officer, EMEA&APAC, she took care of gemiusAdReal – a new revolutionary digital campaigns monitoring tool. Starting form 2019 she has become Chief Executive for German market. In the beginning of 2020 Sułkiewicz has been promoted to the role of Chief Growth Officer, taken responsiblity for a strategic growth and development of Gemius business.

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