2015-04-29 11:56

Gemius sponsors I-COM Global Summit 2015

Gemius sponsors I-COM Global Summit 2015

Gemius became a sponsor for I-COM Global Summit, that will take place in San Sebastian, 27-30 April 2015.

The I-COM Global Summit is the world's leading Data & Measurement Strategy event, where the Data Elite gather from around the world to learn, network / trade and lead. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the latest opportunities to achieve business advantage from Marketing Data & Measurement.

The Summit will be composed of several events:

  • Roundtables - open or private meetings on a specific topic which bring together a group of professionals wanting to benchmark and collaborate internationally.
  • Data Creativity Awards - awarding companies and individuals with extraordinary contributions to Digital Data & Measurement.
  • Data Venture Challenge - competition of the world’s top-class startups in the domain of Big Data.
  • Data Science Hackathon - showcasing Organisations and their Young Millennial talent from around the world about how they are leveraging value by employing Data Science.
  • Global Summit Conference - brings together Digital Data champions to discuss, discover and share trends in the Digital Marketing and Big Data industry.
  • Emerging Market Regions Forum - exploring common challenges in Digital Data & Measurement in the emerging markets: Asia Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, Ibero-America, Middle East and Africa.

Learn more at: www.i-com.org

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