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Gemius on mobile consumers

Gemius is broadening the scope of data it provides within gemiusAudience by online traffic analysis with consideration of different devices. The new service is already operational in Denmark. This year, further markets will see it implemented, including the Baltic states.

An increasing number of internet users connect the web with their smartphones and tablets. The online population is no longer stuck at their computer screen, either at work or in their free time. They are mobile and expect concrete content at a given moment. This poses new challenges to be faced by companies who sell and promote online. Publishers must consider access to their paid or free content via mobile devices. Media houses and advertising agencies should take into account communication profiled to suit smartphone and tablet users' specific features. Advertisers are offered with new possibilities of getting their message across.

"The awareness of this trend should be reflected in a new model of online business presence, both in terms of image and sales" explains Vesna Zakarič, International Sales and Marketing Director, Board of Directors Member at Gemius. "When dealing with a market where every forth or third internet connection is made via mobile devices, such fact must be taken into account to avoid any detriment to the relationship with either the present or potential e-customers. The starting point for any modification to strategies of online presence of a brand should be the needs and preferences of mobile users and technological requirements" says Zakarič.

In practice, this may come down to adapting sites to the sizes of tablet or smartphone screens, fostering communication with applications dedicated to these devices with consideration of different OS's.

The very first statistics on online traffic from different devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets and computers, have been published in Denmark. It turns out that 60 per cent of that country's online population browse websites on their smartphones, and 39 per cent on tablets. The most popular website there is ekstraeladet.dk, an online tabloid, while tablet and PC users most often visit dr.dk, which is a TV guide (data for January, 2014).

Internet measurement with consideration of the sources from which the traffic is generated is yet another functionality now available with gemiusAudience, a research project conducted by Gemius in over 30 countries of EMEA (Europe, North Africa and Middle East). It has been recently developed with measurement of traffic coming from mobile apps (Israel, Latvia and Hungary) as well as audio and video audience measurement (Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Hungary). The aim of the research is to define the number and soc-dem profile of internet users and to determine the manner in which they use the web. It complies with the principles set forth in the international ICC/ESOMAR code of conduct.

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Vesna Gordon (Zakarič)

Chief Sales Officer at Gemius

Gemius expert in online and offline business analytics and research. As a manager,  Vesna is dedicated to business knowledge development around Gemius technology and establishing new industry practices based on the company’s previous experience, with a focus on clients and market needs.

At Gemius, as CSO and member of the Board of Directors, she is responsible for sales and business processes in general, improving the existing and developing new go-to-market models. 

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