2015-05-07 12:10

Gemius, Nielsen and Millward Brown with one media measurement

Gemius, Nielsen and Millward Brown are preparing to launch a project combining media research from the television, internet, newspapers and radio in Poland. As a result, advertisers will have access to a single multimedia database for planning advertising campaigns.

This is very good news for advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers in Poland. The concept of the study, which is being developed by three Polish research companies, could revolutionise the advertising market. The measurement will allow the planning and production of advertising for all types of media and advertising content (including video and mobile), as well as different socio-demographic profiles and target consumer groups.

Planned operation

The presidents of Gemius, Nielsen and Millward Brown are promising a consistent implementation of their plan, to enable the launch of the new research project as soon as possible. Data on television viewers, internet users, radio listeners and readers of the press will be merged into a single multimedia database. This will also include the results of measurements of goods and service consumption, carried out by Millward Brown under the name Target Group Index (TGI). Customers will be able to plan advertising based on a combined measurement of the media.

Work is being carried out so that the final product meets the needs of advertisers as far as possible, making it intuitive to use and providing an easy way to navigate through the multitude of collected data.

Besides these joint activities, Gemius is preparing to transfer to a daily data delivery system as soon as possible (currently monthly), which will present the ways in which internet users access websites from different types of devices (including tablets and smartphones). Gemius is due to announce the implementation of this functionality in July. This solution, modelled on television research, will enable customers to conduct an ongoing analysis of internet users based on the most current data from the previous day. The research will also be enriched in the short term with results for applications and multimedia functions on mobile devices.

The emergence of a research ecosystem covering all media

‘Our main goal is to provide the best product for the measurement of the internet on a global scale. For 10 years we have been studying the online world. We have seen the digital revolution occurring abroad, and we know that sharing daily data is a solution that brings us closer to that,’ explains Piotr Ejdys, president of Gemius gloablly. ‘At the same time we are working to expand the range of our activities, co-operating with business partners. Through this collaboration, we are incorporating the internet into the larger ecosystem of market research and media planning.’

Elżbieta Gorajewska, managing director of Nielsen Audience Measurement in Poland, explains: ‘This project is an excellent opportunity for us to implement research practice which has been used for years in the US and European markets, e.g. in Italy. Television has had a consistently strong position in the advertising market. Its next biggest mainstay is the internet, which is growing in strength and can be seen as a complementary medium to television. Both these mediums have their place in media plans, so the market expects consistent data for both types of media.’

Meanwhile, Krzysztof Kruszewski, president of Millward Brown Poland, which has been active in media-related business for over 20 years, comments: ‘One of the biggest needs of our customers is access to data covering the entire market, including the internet. For marketers, more important than the model used to produce advertising is getting the message to the right target group. At the same time, consumers are diffused. Not only are they using different media, but also multiple devices to surf the internet. That is why we are pleased that the market will soon be benefitting from this new and unprecedented quality.’

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