2016-06-17 07:01

Gemius gaining ground in Russia

Gemius gaining ground in Russia

In cooperation with ADV Marketing Communication Group, Gemius is measuring the online video advertising market in Russia.

ADV is now the exclusive partner of Gemius – as of 1 April, the gemiusAdReal tool is available for the local market. Gemius’ solution offers information on how internet users watch adverts. Publishers can use the tool to find out what actions other publishers are taking and how they actually participate in campaigns. Meanwhile, gemiusAdReal allows advertisers to keep track of their competitors’ activities, check which websites their campaigns were emitted on and what reach they achieved.

‘The study we launched in Poland and Ukraine three months ago is now conquering a new market. We are extremely pleased that Gemius is strengthening its position in Russia and that this is happening in collaboration with a partner like ADV. Thanks to gemiusAdReal, the Russian online advertising industry can get a complete picture of the market, while advertisers and publishers will be able to check up on their competitors’ activities,’ explains Piotr Ejdys, Gemius CEO.

The gemiusAdReal study presents quantification, i.e. number of users and views. It shows initiated online video views. The study covers the entire market for online videos streamed on PCs, including In-Stream and Out-Stream video ads on all publishers’ players, video ads on social networking websites (including Facebook.com and VK.com), and In-Display video ads.

‘We are pleased to present AdReal in Russia, it has no analogues on the market in terms of quantity and quality of the information provided,’ says Igor Perevozchik, digital technology director in ADV.

Gemius has been collaborating with ADV since July 2014. Initially, the focus was on the use of the gemiusDirectEffect tool, which enables the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns to be measured. 

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Piotr Ejdys

President of the Board and a co-founder of Gemius