2016-02-11 15:12

Emil Pawłowski is the new Chief Scientist at Gemius

Emil Pawłowski is the new Chief Scientist at Gemius

As of the end of last year, Emil Pawłowski, formerly director of methodology at Gemius, has been promoted to the newly created post of Chief Scientist.

Emil Pawłowski has been with Gemius since August 2013. Until recently he was responsible for the development of products in the field of research methodology. In April 2015, he and his team introduced a new methodology for calculating internet users, enabling publishers to learn more about the total range of their website. Their solution has been implemented in most of the countries in which Gemius operates. In May last year, Gemius received the IAB Europe prize for new methodology design, winning the prestigious competition for the European internet industry in the internet research category.

Piotr Ejdys explains: The standard approach to measuring the Internet has been exhausted. The average researcher is not able to answer our customers’ niggling questions. The problems they are facing, such as attribution modelling or recognising machine-generated artificial online traffic, require a more interdisciplinary approach, which combines advanced technology measurement, statistical data modelling and snapshot qualitative research. The new section in the structure of the company will result in a new quality for our products. That’s why we entrusted this task to Emil Pawłowski.

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