2015-07-03 10:53

DataXu partner with Czech Publisher Exchange (CPEx) to improve target audience accuracy

DataXu adds CPEx Audience Targeting to their Programmatic Marketing Cloud

Prague – DATE DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing software for global brands and agencies, today announced a partnership with Czech Publisher Exchange (CPEx). CPEx is a cooperative of five leading online publishers in the Czech Republic:  AdActive, Czech News Center, Economia, Mafra and Mladá fronta. Together they have a combined monthly reach of five million users, representing 80% of the Czech online population. Thanks to this partnership DataXu’s clients will be able to target their campaigns to CPEx Audience segments.

“We’ve been working in the Czech market for a couple of years now and have watched it expand rapidly”, states Jost Löhnenbach, Head of New and Emerging Markets Europe, at DataXu. “This partnership is an important step for DataXu because CPEx doesn’t just offer our clients more media inventory, but also gives them access to over 60 categorised Czech audience segments.”

Weronika Ośko, Regional Manager at Gemius, a leading consulting company in the online advertising environment based in Poland and with offices throughout Europe, states that “this partnership will add more granular targeting capabilities for our clients, which will ultimately lead to increased campaign performance and a higher ROI. As a current DataXu user, we are very excited about this collaboration.”

“We are excited to see DataXu entering the Czech market with their cutting edge technology. We believe that the availability of CPEx Audience segments on the DataXu platform will bring greater value to DataXu’s customers,” says Matěj Novák, managing director of Czech Publisher Exchange.

CPEx audiences are available for clients from today through the DataXu platform.

About DataXu

DataXu is a petabyte scale marketing cloud that enables marketers to better understand and engage their customers. Powered by Active Analytics™, our patented approach to Programmatic Marketing, the DataXu Marketing Cloud is a suite of applications that transforms big data into a better customer experience – all at the speed of life. Our software helps marketers focus their marketing investments and achieve optimal results across all available media formats, devices, channels, and buying modes. With fourteen offices in ten countries, DataXu is powering the digital transformation of the world’s most valuable brands. Visit www.dataxu.com for more information.

About CPEx

The Czech Publisher Exchange is an association of leading Czech online publishers – AdActive Czech News Center, Economia, Mafra and Mladá Fronta – providing advertisers with online advertising space using programmatic technology. Thanks to a combined monthly reach of over 80% of Czech users, it is the largest provider of premium advertising space within the Czech RTB ecosystem. Since 2014 CPEx also offers CPEx Audience – the first and most complex audience targeting data available widely in the RTB ecosystem.

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