2015-05-12 12:17

Combined media research – do we know the details?

This week Gemius, Nielsen and Millward Brown announced that they are preparing to implement a joint project, involving the launch of research combining consumption of the internet, television, newspapers and radio. The integration of existing standards for the measurement of media in a single database has the potential to revolutionise the Polish advertising market. Are the details of the project available yet?

Firstly, the integration of research results for television and the internet

According to the company representatives, the project involves combining existing standards for the measurement of media into one database, rather than creating a new research project. Work is currently being undertaken to merge research into a single set of data. The deadline for providing data to the market and the method of distribution are not yet known. These are issues to be coordinated between the research companies and their partners, namely the trade organizations, i.e. PBI, PBC, KBR, and the TV companies.

One of the first stages of the project will be the combination of data on television and the internet. In July this year, Gemius will begin the daily production of website viewing results, adapting to the production cycle of television research.

Reconciling the specificities of different media is the biggest challenge

Those responsible for implementing the project at Gemius, Nielsen and Millward Brown believe that the biggest challenge is to reconcile the specificities of different media. ‘We are dealing with data of varying detail and published at different frequencies,’ say the project coordinators.

They add that the integration of data on different media has proven successful in many countries. Moreover, each type of research is also standard on the Polish market. The combining of results in a common database means that they can be analysed together. However, the analysis will also be available for each type of media separately. This will ensure the complete reliability of the information provided.

New indicators

The combined research will serve to determine the total reach and the time spent by consumers on different types of media. As a result, publishers and their customers will be able to find out the number and socio-demographic profiles of consumers of their TV and radio channels, websites and newspapers. The combined research of all media will also include information from Target Group Index (TGI) surveys, meaning that these indicators will also be available to consumer groups.

Benefits for advertisers, broadcasters and publishers

Modern marketing communication raises new challenges for the media industry. One of these challenges is increasing the effectiveness of reaching a specific consumer group with an advertising message. Having access to a single set of data will significantly simplify the daily work of advertisers, broadcasters and publishers alike, allowing both the flexible and effective selection of a particular type of media for an advertising campaign. In addition, the enrichment of the database with the results of surveys measuring the consumption of goods, services and media (TGI) will facilitate the work of all interested parties.

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