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  • What mobile devices (i.e. smartphone, tablet, older generation mobile) do internet users use to connect the web? What percentage share of the mobile traffic comes from a particular portable device type?
  • Which companies provide the most popular mobile devices chosen by internet users to connect with the web? What share of the internet mobile traffic comes from mobile devices produced by particular companies?
  • What operational systems (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows) do users of desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets use to connect the internet (with consideration of the OPs versions, e.g. Windows 7, 8 and XP)?
  • What percentage of mobile internet traffic comes from particular OPs?
  • What screen resolutions do internet users who connect the web with mobile devices use?
  • What percentage of the internet mobile traffic is generated from mobile devices with a specific screen resolution (i.e. up to 3” and from 3” to 6”)?
  • What groups of browsers (e.g. WebKit Mobile, Opera, Dolphin, MSIE, BlackBerry Browser) or what particular browsers (Chrome 29.x, Firefox.23) do users of desktop or laptop computers, smartphones and tablets use to download and display websites when connecting the internet? What percentage of the mobile internet traffic comes from particular browsers?
  • On what layout engines (e.g. Gecko, WebKit/ KHTML, MSIE, Opera) are the browsers most popular in these countries based on?
  • Which search engine domains (e.g. google, bing or or search engines (e.g. Google, MSN, AskJeeves) are used by internet users from the countries in question?
  • Which countries do the internet users who most often connect the websites come from?


  • 42 per cent of mobile hits in Estonia comes from Apple devices (September 2013).
  • Windows 7 is the most popular computer operating system used by Internet users in Demark. It is used by 38 per cent of web surfers (September 2013).
  • As many as 97 per cent of Hungarians accepts cookies (September 2013).
  • In Russia, as many as 71 per cent of Internet users use their native search engine, that is (September 2013).
  • More than half of Turkish web surfers use Google Chrome browser. That is about one-fifth more than a year ago (September 2013).

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