In Gemius we believe that the employees are the company’s main asset. Keeping in mind our needs and well-being as a friendly work environment, we have created the gemiusComfort program

Work-life balance

We believe that the balance between work and personal life is essential for being an effective employee as well as a happy individual. We know that each of us is different and has different needs at a given stage of life. That is why we offer our employees flexible working hours. They allow us to adjust work to personal affairs and preferred day cycle (“early birds” and “owls”). Overtime that occurs in unforeseen circumstances can be exchanged to a day off.

(Not) Only on photographs would your kin look nice

Gemius is a family business. Our employees build relationships that last for years, even after changing jobs or moving. Young mothers returning to work after maternity leave are offered part-time work or prolonging the time off work in a form of a child care leave. We also celebrate together e.g. by inviting our loved ones for the office Christmas party.

Atmosphere at work is the key to our success

Our office is regularly renovated and very nicely decorated. We try very hard to make you feel as comfortable as possible in the office on an ordinary day as well as on special occasions. For people who like to work in silence, we have prepared, apart from regular conference rooms, the quiet work areas. After work we can play foosball, table tennis or pool – relaxing and integrating with other departments. 

Not only work – integration

We know how important it is for a team to match so that its members feel well among each other. That is why we pay great attention to team integration. We often integrate in larger groups keeping in mind good relations between different teams in the company. We like to spend our free time in a more private fashion: we have a football team, we take part in a half-marathon, and in the summer we go to play volleyball.

Towards the better… development program

Having resources for improving qualifications, our employees take part in professional trainings and development programs. They take part in trade conferences as participants, speakers and experts. There are many internal initiatives organized in the company, aimed at improving knowledge in the fields of our operation as well as broadening our horizons. 

With Gemius from the beginning

We not only care about the current employees of the company, but also about the future ones. Thanks to the on-board program in Gemius, the new employees, even before starting their job, get to know its characteristics, receiving a handful of useful materials. Moreover, during the first few days, the person is toured around the company and introduced to other employees. 

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