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  • Which advertising formats are most frequently used by advertisers?
  • What advertising formats are most clicked-on by internet users?
  • What percentage share of ads is displayed on mobile devices?
  • Which branches of industry are most into online advertising and run the largest numbers of online campaigns?
  • Telecom, car or bank advertisements – which do internet users click most?
  • Channel duplication – how do we reach our audience through different communication channels?
  • How to analyze target groups on the internet in the context of digital communication channels effectiveness?
  • How to set aims for internet advertising activities, how to pursue them and interpret results?
  • What and how can you measure on the internet?
  • What are the trends and latest developments in media houses and advertising agencies?
  • What advantages and disadvantages do particular types of mobile advertisements have?
  • What does effective online advertising involve? What possibilities and perspectives do internet campaigns offer?
  • Audio and video advertising on the web – what is the current situation, trends 
    and perspectives of further development?
  • What methods of online traffic analysis are used in different internet market segments?
  • What methods for increasing conversion rate are most often used?
  • How to build and measure user value in different segments of the internet market?
  • How to implement business intelligence notions in internet analytics?
  • How to measure online marketing activities results effectively?


  • Video ads are most popular in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • The standard Banner remains the most popular advertising format in CEE, but the highest average CTR is noted for Preroll, Toplayer and Interstitial. 
  • User-engaging advertising formats are gaining ground. They are increasingly used by advertisers in Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.

The interet study measurement conduted by Gemius (gemiusAudience)

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