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Why analyse e-store competition?

A tool implemented by Gemius is a globally unique solution dedicated to e-commerce. Why and how it may be worthwhile to join the gemiusShopMonitor project?

Access to a range of data on e-shop traffic, comparing your store results with the rest of the market or its segment – these are but a few possibilities offered by the platform gemiusShopMonitor. What are the characteristics of the tool?

Data kept anonymous and safe

No information accessible to any registered participant of the research project can be used to identify any other member; all comparative analysis is based on confrontation of a shop’s own data with the entire market or its chosen segment. The data doesn’t become the moderator’s (i.e. Gemius) property, but it all stays with the owner of the member company. This approach guarantees the safety of data and prevents any leaks of confidential information.

Free of charge

The membership is entirely free of charge. Gemius draws profit from selling in-depth analysis and reports concerning the general picture of whole e-commerce markets.


As the only one of such type available on the e-commerce market, the tool enables comparative analysis: you can compare your shop’s performance against the immediate business environment. This means knowledge on the actual market position of your enterprise and the ability to take strategic decisions (concerning ad spends, output, stock, etc.) based on real numbers rather than assumptions.

Intuitive interface

The platform (used interface) provides easy and simple access to the figures and graphs. It enables comparative analysis, i.e. generating comparisons of your own results v. the entire market in different periods of time and by a range of indictors.

Broad knowledge

The tool generates a wealth of most practical data that can be used to conclude about the effectiveness of the current company policies (pricing, range of products, website usability). The available data concern: traffic on the e-shop website and pages, sources of traffic, visit duration, value and size of the cart, number and value of transactions. All these indicators may be easily confronted with the rest of the market or its segment at any time.

Easy start

Becoming a member of the project is a simple procedure taking just a few steps:

  • go to the gemiusShopMonitor website;
  • set up an account (by entering your shop’s URL and selecting your shop category, or the relevant market segment, e.g. home and garden, delis, fashion, travel etc., and the platform type your store operates on: OpenSource, saas, other);
  • having accepted the terms of service (by clicking on the button), register your shop in the system with just one click;
  • you will be transferred to a web page where the research module can be downloaded (plug-in installation takes about a minute; installation of scripts following our comprehensive instructions takes about three hours of IT staff time);
  • the research module being installed, follow the guidelines to configure your e-store in the system (by entering the ID provided by Gemius), and then proceed by saving the configuration (click on Save Config). Welcome to the project!
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