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What catches the user's eye in the tangle of online advertised industries?

What catches the user's eye in the tangle of online advertised industries?

Internet users from Central and Eastern Europe most often click on advertising campaigns of the food and cosmetic industries, according to a report by Gemius. More information about the CEE on-line advertising market can be found in the gemiusAdMonitor report available at

One of the analyses prepared under the gemiusAdMonitor report is a compilation showing the share of mobile broadcasts in advertisements concerning particular industries. In this respect, the studied markets show a substantial differentiation: in almost every case, a different sector of economy takes the first place. In Bulgaria, for example, the leading industry is the financial sector, with 47 per cent of its ads being displayed on mobile devices; in Croatia, the leaders are telecommunication and food corporations (34 per cent each), while in Poland it is the fashion brands (41 per cent) (source: gemiusAdMonitor).

Among the 13 markets analysed, Turkey noted the largest share of ads displayed on mobile devices. The highest result in this country was recorded by advertisements in the pharmaceutical sector, with 57 per cent of its ads being displayed on mobile devices. In this regard, the second country was Romania, 54 per cent of sports and tourism promoting advertisements displayed on mobile devices. The telecommunication sector recorded the same share in this country.

Tomasz Wardecki, Senior Media Strategy Manager at iProspect, comments on the data concerning the share of advertisement views on mobile devices on the Polish net: “In my opinion, the high share of mobile ad views results from the level of advancement of a given industry in the use of techniques offered by digital promotion. Advertisers in the fashion, electronics, and H&G sectors started transforming business models to implement Internet sales, so they are among the first to use technological innovations and adapt to the trends of the advertising market. At the same time, the decision to purchase products from these categories is made more spontaneously than, for instance, in the case of the pharmaceutical or financial industry. It is for this reason that smartphone advertising incentives prove effective, and advertisers invest more in these formats. Furthermore, taking technical issues into account, presenting a picture of a dress, a pair of shoes, or a new TV set on the relatively small screen of a mobile device is much easier and more attractive to the eye than an offer of a bank account or a drug for high blood pressure”, Wardecki adds.

Clicks for food and cosmetic products

The European Internet users most often click on ads promoting food and cosmetic products. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Moldova, food and beverage advertising ranked first in terms of click-through rate among all the analysed industries. It hit Top 3 in 9 of 13 markets analysed. High click-through rates were also observed in adverts promoting cosmetics – the cosmetic industry got to Top 3 in 7 markets surveyed.

The least intense interaction on the part of Internet users was linked to ads promoting electronics, home and garden equipment, and sports and tourism. Ads for broadly understood household appliances generated the lowest click-through rate among all the industries surveyed in 6 out of 13 countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine). On the other hand, sports and leisure ads generated the lowest click-through rate in the 4 markets analysed (Poland, Latvia, Romania and Slovakia).

The Gemius report – gemiusAdMonitor – presents detailed information on Internet advertising in 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary). It contains information on trends in the Internet advertising, the effectiveness of individual forms of advertising, rankings of the most popular advertising formats and profiles of the Internet users who have been exposed to on-line advertising when using their PCs. The most recent data for the first half of 2017 are available at

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