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TOP 20 most visited sites in Latvia in 2021 #gemiusAudience

TOP 20 most visited sites in Latvia in 2021 #gemiusAudience

The first ten of the Top 20 most popular websites remained stable last year - maintained its second position alongside the most popular news sites, while in April the portal joined the sites, closing the top ten till the end of the year. See Gemius analysis based on data from the gemiusAudience.

Portals and were amongst the most visited sites in 2021 in Latvia. Also the entertainment site and the weather portal, while several sites entered the top only once last year. Throughout 2021, the news portal has maintained a stable leading position in Real Users from all devices together. Portal reached the largest audience in October last year, when it was visited by 882,000 Real Users. Constantly taking second position in the top, site also showed the highest number of visitors in October - 759,000 users from all devices together. It should be noted that among all the TOP 20 sites, has the highest number of page views - approximately 200 million page views per month on average. Almost all year round the sites of the TOP 5 remained unchanged and the previously mentioned top leaders were followed by the portals, and


Top 10 is based on data about internet audience that is aged between 7 and 74 years of age, is from the territory of Latvia and visit sites from computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The sites included in this top are those that participated in the gemiusAudience research in 2021. gemiusAudience research is based on a complex and modern methodology that allows to see the number of real persons (Real Users) within a page, rather than looking at cookies or IP addresses that do not show the number of actual persons visiting the relevant page. 

Except for August, when the site went up to the fifth position, in the sixth place in the top of the total statistics of almost all 2021 was the portal, followed by the sites and From January to March took the seventh position, then until by the end of the year exchanging places with the portal Meanwhile, in January and February, the price comparison portal took the ninth position in the top of the total statistics, but in January the portal closed the TOP 10. After the successful start of the year, both portals left the gemiusAudience research and also the top. From February, the portal ranked in the top ten, spent most of the year in the ninth position in the top. Meanwhile, in April portal joined the gemiusAudience research and the top 11th position, in May reaching 10th place among top sites, and remained it until December, reaching its largest audience – 405,000 users from all devices - in September.

Throughout the year, the weather portal was among the TOP 20 sites. Showing seasonal trends, in the summer months the site reached the highest number of visitors - from 294,000 users in June to the highest result of the year - 330,000 users in July. Also reaching the 11th position in top from June to August, in the last months of the year the site was replaced by the portal Meanwhile, in February and March, the eleventh most visited site in the top of the overall statistics was the legal act explanatory portal, which took various positions in the second top ten throughout the year, but reached the highest number of Real Users in January - 357,000 visitors.

The entertainment portal was also in the top for all twelve months last year, closing the year as the twelfth most visited portal with the highest audience in January 2021, when the site was visited by 321,000 Real Users. Presenting the biggest number of visitors - 296,000 Real Users - in March and at the same time rising to the 13th position, the name of the legislative portal was among the twenty most visited websites all year.

Meanwhile, three sites took different positions in the second half of TOP 20 eleven times during the year – not getting into the top only in June, site reached its largest audience - 231,000 Real Users – in January, gradually decreasing to 166,000 in December. Also, eleven months between the top websites were news sites in Russian – and


With the exception in October and November, the parent portal ranked among the most visited sites throughout the year, reaching the highest number of visitors in February last year - 246,000 readers. Joining the top in May, the sports news site showed 204,000 users in August, which was the highest last year. In January, reaching the largest audience - 234,000 users – portal was also among the top sites in February and March to return only in November.

It should be noted that several sited entered the top only few times last year - in April the TOP 20 was closed by the regional portal, which returned to the top for the second time in October, when reached 196,000 readers. In March the TOP 20 was closed by with 179,000 readers, but in July and In October, the website joined the top sites, reaching the largest audience last year - 189,000 users. Meanwhile, portal entered the top with 138,000 users from all devices in June.

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