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TOP 20 most visited websites in Latvia - June 2022 #gemiusAudience

TOP 20 most visited websites in Latvia - June 2022 #gemiusAudience

In June, news site returned to the Top Five ranking, swapping places with the public media news portal, which showed the largest audience decrease in numbers among the top sites. Almost all of the top websites have shown decreases in audience from computers during last month.


Total statistics

In June the news portal returned to the fourth position at the top, reaching 655,000 users from all devices, which is 14,000 Real Users more than in May. Accordingly, the public media news portal fell to the sixth place, also showing the numerically largest audience drop among the top websites - by 103,000 Real Users, reaching 586,000 readers from all devices together. As usual, the top is revealed by with 884,000 Rel Users, which is 26,000 more than the previous month, followed by with an audience of 755,000 users and an increase by 12,000 users. Top 3 is closed by with 684 000 readers, which is 30,000 less than in May. website also showed a significant decrease in the audience last month – by 79,000 Real Users (543,000 users from all devices), meanwhile portal after an audience increase in May reached by 63,000 fewer users in June (486,000 visitors). However, similar audience growth in number was noted for three websites – an audience of portal increased by 28,000 users (450,000 Real Users). The number of the readers and visitors increased by 27,000, while site reached 195 000 Real Users, showing increase by 26,000 and at the same time moving up two positions to the 18th place in the top. In June, the regional website rejoined the top with 157,000 Real Users.

Audiences from computers

In the computer top, almost all of the top sites showed audience drops during the holiday. The largest in numbers was noted for the website and the internet encyclopedia - by 77,000 users for each, accordingly reaching 259,000 and 306,000 users from computers. Meanwhile, the audience of only two websites has increased - the top leader Google reached 12,000 more users in June with 1,026,000 Real Users from computers, while the audience of the bank site increased by 27,000, reaching 251,000 users, climbing eight positions to 12th place in the top.
As before, in June, the top leader Google is followed by the video streaming site with 678,000 users and with 621,000 Real Users from computers. As in May, the fourth most visited website from computers last month was with 551,000 users, followed by, which was visited by 471,000 internet users. It should be noted that returned to the top, and portal and price comparison site closes the top, each reaching 197,000 Real Users.

Mobile statistics

As in the total statistics, the biggest audience decrease in numbers from mobile devices in the previous month was shown for the news portal, as the audience decreased by 89,000 users, also losing two positions in the top and taking the fifth place with 550,000 Real Users. Meanwhile, moved up a position, with 638,000 readers and an audience increase by 12,000 users in June, reaching the third position. As in May, the leading position is maintained by the with 863,000 Real Users, and increase by 21,000 compared to May, followed by with 653,000 readers (28,000 less than in May). Stepping up one position while reaching 5,000 users less in June, the fourth place among the top websites is taken by the portal with 601,000 Real Users.

Like in total statistics, several sites have shown numerically similar audience increases. Moving up three positions to sixth place in the top, portal reached 540,000 readers in June, with and audience increase by 30,000 Real Users. The website also showed the same increase, reaching 275,000 users last month, while the audience of the portal increased by 26,000 Real Users (395,000 Real Users). Meanhile the audiences of the websites and increased by 24,000 users last month, reaching 186,000 and 146,000 users from mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets together.

In addition to the already mentioned, numerically significant decreases in the audience, as in the top of the total statistics, were shown for the website, which was visited by 78,000 users less in June (515,000 Real Users), also for the website, as the audience decreased by 65,000 readers, compared to May, reaching 446,000 Real Users. It should be mentioned that in June, the site joined the top websites with 125,000 users from mobile devices.

Data on media groups

In the previous month, among the media groups, DELFI group reached the most users with its websites, including,,,,, the website, Delfi TV, as well as the mobile application, altogether visited by 914,000 and 61 percent of Latvian Internet users, with the total audience increasing by 24,000 users. Meanwhile, the TVNET group, i.e. data on the portals (including, and, as well as statistics on, and mobile applications reached 797,000 Real Users and 53 percent of Internet users, which is 14,000 users more than in May.

Rīgas Viļņi media group ranks third among the groups with the websites, incl.,,, and data on streaming, reaching 685,000 Real Users and 46 percent of Internet users, which is 29,000 less than in May. Meanwhile, the TV24 group with the websites, and has returned to the fourth position, with 632,000 and 42 percent of Internet users in June, which is 21,000 Real Users less than the previous month. The media group top in June is closed by TV3 media group, which covers data on, video and streaming, as well as the application, reaching 41 percent or 613,000 Latvian internet users (by 46,000 less than in May).

According to gemiusAudience data, the websites included in the adQuota network reached 1,120,000 and 75 percent of Internet users in June. On the mobile platform, adQuota network sites reached 1,031,000 Real Users, but on the PC platform – 492,000 Latvian Internet users.

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