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The most popular websites of 2022 #GemiusLatvia

The most popular websites of 2022 #GemiusLatvia

Showing numerically similar audiences in some months, the positions of the top five sites actively changed last year, according to the review of gemiusAudience TOP 20 sites of 2022 published by Gemius Latvia. As the site's audience gradually grew, the portal rose from the ninth to the fifth position in the top during the year. The most stable top site of the year was, which remained in the 11th position for whole year.

The top five websites from all devices – computers, smartphones, and tablets – together, of last year's TOP 20 most visited websites actively changed their positions from second to fifth place during the year, and at the end of the year, the leaders of the top changed places as well. For almost the entire year 2022, except for the last month, the news portal remained in the leading position, reaching the largest audience from all devices in October last year - 901,000 Real Users, starting the year with 833,000 users in January.

Meanwhile, maintaining the second position in the top for nine months of the year, falling to the third place in the total statistics top only in February and August, the website closed the year in the leading position with the highest number of visitors - 873,000 users from all devices. Five websites -,,, and - fought for third to fifth place throughout the year. Reaching the largest number of users - 799,000 Real Users - in August of last year and taking the second position in the top for the second time after February, portal was the third most visited website in January, March, July, and September. In April, June and the last three months of the year the website took the fourth place in the top. Meanwhile, the third most popular website for six months last year was portal, which ended the year with 759,000 users, reaching the largest website audience of last year. Starting the year in the fourth position, maintaining it in March, July, August, and September, the total audience increased by 53,000 users since January.

Situation in the world affected the audience

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The start of the war in Ukraine marked audience increases in February and March for several top news sites. Starting January in the fifth position, but ending the year in the seventh place, the public media news portal reached its largest audience in February - 731,000 Real Users from all devices, when it also reached the fourth place in the top, while five months of the year portal was the sixth most visited. The website reached the largest audience in March of last year - 667,000 Real Users - and started the year in the sixth position, in the middle of the year reaching the fifth position, but in some months it was in the seventh place. However portal also reached the highest number of readers in March of last year, when 640,000 Real Users visited it. Mostly taking the eighth position among websites in January, March and June, took the seventh place, but ended the year as the ninth most popular portal.


The largest audience for news websites

Showing an increase of users every month from May to August, as well as from October to December, the news site reached its largest audience in February 2022 – 592,000 Real Users from all devices, ranking 8th to 10th among the top sites throughout the year, but in February climbing to the 7th place in the top. Among the top websites, the portal showed the biggest audience growth last year. The site started 2022 in the 9th position of the top with 549,000 users from all devices, but ended as the fifth most popular site in both November and December, reaching the largest audience of the year in the last month - 671,000 Real Users. Taking the 10th place in the top nine out of twelve months of the year, the website rose to the 9th position in May, June and October, reaching the highest number of users last May, when 549,000 readers visited the website. Meanwhile, portal remained in the 11th position for the entire year 2022, which shows the stable relevance of the website to its audience - from February to August, the portal gradually reached the highest number of visitors in 2022 - 479,000 Real Users.

In addition to the already mentioned, six more websites took place in the top all year round - the legal act explanation portal, whose most successful month of the year was January, when 333,000 Real Users visited the website,, which reached the largest audience in November - 339,000 users from for all devices together. Likewise, portal could also be found among the TOP 20 websites throughout the year 2022 - its most successful month last year was August with an audience of 344,000 users, while the legislative website reached the most users in November – 283,000 Real Users from all devices. Meanwhile, seasonal trends had an impact on the visitation of the meteorological portal, which, as usual, had a bigger audience in the summer months - 306,000 users visited the site in July, while parents portal reached the most users in October last year - 227,000 Real Users.

In January, February, as well as in the second half of the year, the regional portal also ranked among the top websites, as the audience gradually grew from September until it reached 226,000 users in November. Meanwhile, cultural and entertainment event tickets e-commerce site joined the Top 20 most popular sites in April, May, June, July and December, reaching the highest number of users in June, when 195,000 Real Users visited the site. From September, joined the top websites of the overall statistics, reaching the highest number of visitors in December – 220,000 Real Users.

“In general, the year on the Internet was changeable, just like the environment around us, and this also greatly affected the top of the most visited websites. Internet users have used various sources to access the necessary news content daily. There has been an active change in the first five and even the top ten most popular sites, sometimes the difference in audiences has been quite small that lead to changes of the positions and tough competition”

- Linda Egle, the country manager of Gemius Latvia and Estonia explains.


Media group audience trends

In the top of media groups participating in the gemiusAudience study, Rīgas Vilņi media group was stable in the third position all last year with websites, including, or,,, as well as data on streaming. Meanwhile, TVNET group with websites (including, and, as well as statistics on, and mobile applications was the largest in January and August in terms of the number of Real Users reached, but in the other months of the year, the leading position was taken by the DELFI group with websites, including,,,,,, Delfi TV, as well as a mobile application. In May, July, August, as well as from October to December, TV3 group was the fourth among the groups, covering data on, video and streaming, as well as the application, giving the fourth position to media group with the websites,, in the remaining months of the year. In December another portal – - was added to TV24 group.

Changes and improvals

It should be noted that when looking at data trends in the period between August and September of 2022, changes in the research methodology must be taken into account, which partly affected changes in the audience of the portals. For the gemiusAudience study in Latvia, the research methodology was improved to Constant Panel, which not only adapted Real Users calculations to existing technologies but also changed the Reach calculation – currently, the reach on each platform is calculated against the total number of Internet users on all platforms. Changes in the methodology also include a reduced probability of data calculation error, a solved problem of panelist rotation, as well as better consistency of results.

Publicly available data can be found on the data website

About gemiusAudience and TOP 20 ranking

Top 20 ranking is made based on the size of 7-74 years old audience size on the Internet pages connecting to the Internet from the territory of Latvia, using computers, mobile phones and tablets. The top includes those websites that participated in the gemiusAudience study in 2022. Total and mobile statistics reflect audience of the scripted pages, while computer statistics also include non-scripted sites. gemiusAudience research is conducted based on a complex and modern methodology, which provides the possibility to determine the real number of visitors, not cookies or IP address.

gemiusAudience sets a new standard in the presentation of Internet media usage data, competition monitoring, media and campaign planning. Our solution provides you with a dependable source of information and reliable benchmarking of your activity amid your competitors. On the online landscape quick reaction is the key to success and now, with gemiusAudience, you can make better business decisions based on the real digital trends!

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