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77% of Polish Internet users buy online

77% of Polish Internet users buy online

The percentage of internet users who declare online buying has stabilized and now amounts to 77%. Significantly more people shop on Polish websites (75%) than foreign ones (32%) - according to the "E-commerce in Poland 2022" report. The report has been published for the 10th time. The content partners of the edition are Polish Internet Research and IAB Polska. See a summary of the most interesting information.

You can download whole report in polish version here.

The results of this year's survey confirm that Poles like online shopping and are consistent in this sympathy. The increased popularity of e-commerce during the pandemic continued, and people who started using online stores due to lockdowns or concerns about their health largely stayed with this form of shopping. Online shopping is also perceived as convenient and uncomplicated.

Among the factors that motivate e-consumers to online shopping are, among others 24/7 availability and no need to go to the store - both of these motivators were also mentioned by respondents in the previous wave of the survey. This year, however, the third of the most frequently mentioned factors has changed - the respondents indicated prices that were more attractive than in traditional stores as particularly motivating. The importance of the financial factor is not surprising, especially in the current inflationary environment.

This year, for the first time, we asked respondents about the impact of inflation on their purchasing behavior. As many as 58% of respondents declared that they buy as much as usual, 28% answered that they buy less, while 14% - that they buy more. Particularly women and respondents aged 24-34 declared a reduction in expenditure. Interestingly, when it comes to planned online shopping, a much larger percentage of respondents announces their reduction.

In this year's study, we also looked at environmental issues and its impact on customer choices. It turned out that for almost half of the respondents the impact of the form of delivery and return on the environment is very important (20%) or important (26%), with women again having the highest number of responses.

For the first time in the history of the study, we noted the advantage of a smartphone over a laptop when it comes to devices most often used in the e-shopping process. While a year ago, m-commerce was particularly popular among young respondents, this year it is a trend that applies to all respondents.

Successful cooperation

This year's Report is the result of cooperation between Gemius, Polskie Badania Internetu (PBI) and IAB Polska, and its results were enriched with data from the Mediapanel study and expert knowledge of specialists operating within the IAB Polska E-commerce Working Group.

For the first time, as PBI, together with Gemius and IAB Polska, we participated in the preparation of the report "E-commerce in Poland" - comments Paweł Laskowski, President of PBI. - We present an analysis of data from the Mediapanel survey on the popularity of the e-commerce category. It complements the results of the survey and shows that e-commerce is one of the most important categories on the Internet. In June 2022, as many as 92% of Polish internet users visited at least one website or launched an application from the "Online shopping" category, while clothing stores turned out to be the most popular type of stores, apart from marketplace stores. The report contains more interesting data that make up the current picture of the e-commerce market in Poland.

E-commerce is inextricably linked with online advertising. - says Włodzimierz Schmidt, President of the Management Board of IAB Polska - Representatives of the IAB Polska E-commerce Working Group prepared this part of the Report in which they examined how the content on blogs, opinions, influencers or the context of advertising influences the purchasing decisions of Internet users and what they have to do with this form of advertising ratio. According to the survey, as many as 51% of respondents when asked whether they bought a product on the basis of content published on the Internet, replied in the affirmative. Therefore, I especially recommend exploring this part of the publication - it will help you understand how to use online advertising to encourage your potential customers, and not discourage them from buying.

About Report

The aim of the study, the results of which were presented in the report "E-commerce in Poland 2022", was to understand the attitudes, habits and motivations related to online shopping. The subject of the study were, inter alia, shopping behavior of e-consumers, brand recognition, factors that encourage Internet users to buy online, but also problems encountered by users. The report was prepared by Gemius in cooperation with PBI and IAB Polska. The research presented in the report was carried out in the form of an electronic questionnaire using the CAWI (computer-assisted web interview) technique on a representative sample of 1,559 Internet users aged 15 or over. Data were collected in June 2022.

You can download whole report in polish version here.

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