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Samsung wins CEE mobile internet

Samsung is consequently strengthening its position on the mobile market. In Serbia, Lithuania and Belarus it already won its race with Apple – Gemius data shows.

The study involved countries from CEE in which Gemius measures traffic on websites, i.e. Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine. The data comes from August 2012 and 2013.

It turns out that in all the analysed markets, Samsung noted increase in the mobile online traffic. What is even more, internet users from Belarus, Lithuania and Serbia most often browse websites on the smartphones and tablets by this producer. Soon, we may also expect a major shake-up in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, where the share in the mobile internet traffic generated from these Korean devices is gradually advancing to threaten the position of the Cupertino giant.

In turn, Apple, compared to August last year, has fostered its position on the Ukrainian and Moldovan markets. In these countries, the largest mobile traffic on websites comes from iPhone and iPad. The two devices are still most popular in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Latvia, though they gradually lose ground to smartphones and tablets with the Korean company logo.

"Data from the CEE region reflects the trend of smartphone sales globally. Android-based devices are increasing and strengthening their position compared to the iOS-based ones, which have been remaining at steady level in the recent years. The race of vendors is led by Samsung, followed by Apple" says Lauris Lietavietis, Gemius online market expert.

According to Lauris Lietavietis, cheaper solutions provided by Samsung mid-range products have high sales potential and are strongly influencing Korean producer share of the market. "Indeed, we can expect an increase in the market share by other low-priced, Android-based smartphone vendors in the near future" adds Gemius expert.

The data come from, a website basing on Gemius internet sites traffic measurement results (gemiusTraffic). It is designed to serve as a source of accessible knowledge on the internet for those interested in being up-to-date on its development and the prevailing trends. The web site features, among others, popularity ratings for: web browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, Flash Player versions, screen resolution, screen color settings, web directories, search engines, PC vs non-PC traffic, cookie files acceptance rate.

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