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Romanian internet users – who are they?

Romanian internet users – who are they?

In Romania there are more than 7.3 million PC users who browse the Internet. Of these internet users, almost twice as many live in cities as in the countryside, and the biggest group online are the urban seniors. What else did Gemius find out from analysing the data on Romanian internet users?

Gemius looked at the profile of internet users in Romania. The analysis included data from June 2016 for internet users on PCs.

Twice as many in the city

The clear majority of internet users on PCs live in the city – they make up 65.8 per cent of the analysed group, while only 34.2 per cent live in the countryside. That’s almost twice as many users in urban areas than rural inhabitants. The gender proportions are much closer – there is a slight male predominance, with 53 per cent men and 47 per cent women. This proportion is consistent both in the city and the countryside.

Younger in the countryside...

There is a different age structure for internet users on PCs in the city and in the countryside. In rural areas, there are more younger users – aged 14–18. In this age group, women comprise 18.6 per cent and men 14 per cent of internet users in urban areas. Among internet users from the countryside, the least represented groups are middle aged and slightly older people: women aged 45–49 (6.3 per cent) and men aged 50-54 (5.1 per cent).

...older in the city

The complete opposite situation prevails in the city. There, the most active internet users are seniors, of both genders: 14.4 per cent of female internet users from urban areas are women above 55 years old, and men in this age group make up 16.4 per cent of urban internet users. 

gemiusAudience in Romania is a study that measures online audiences using it's proprietary fusion methodology, proprietary site-centric data, proprietary user-centric data and structural data provided by BRAT through SNA FOCUS study.

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