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Romania: who visits

Romania: who visits

According to data from Gemius, an average of 17.5 per cent of Romanian PC users visit every month. There is a predominance of city inhabitants but, interestingly, it’s not just the youngest internet users who visit.

Gemius looked at data on PC users who visit the website in Romania. The analysis covered data from the first half of 2016. for city dwellers?

In the analysed data, the striking thing is the fact that the clear majority of the Romanian internet users who visit live in cities. The number of people from cities was more than double the number of users from the countryside in four of the six analysed months of the study period (in January, March, April and May). The greatest disproportion occurred in April, when the number of visitors from cities was almost 2.4 times higher than those from the countryside – 415,000 city inhabitants vs. 176,000 people from rural areas. However, even during the periods of highest activity of people from the countryside on (in February and June), the number of urban users of the website was still at least 1.5 times higher than rural users.

A website for men or women?

The gender split among Romanian internet users visiting is fairly equal, with a slight male predominance. This correlation is observed in all the analysed months except June, when the website was visited by 5,000 more women than men – 328,000 female internet users (9.5 per cent of all internet users) and 323,000 male internet users (8.3 per cent). connects generations

The data on internet users who visit shows a very strong trend. Traditionally, this website is popular with young people, and there is a large number of users between 14 and 24 years old in all the analysed months. In January there were nearly 284,000 (41.9 per cent) from this age group, and in June − 276,000 (42.5 per cent). However, it is interesting to note that, particularly in the cities, there is high activity from the oldest group of PC users studied. In April and June, was visited by a record number of Romanians aged 55+ living in cities – over 68,000 people. In April this was 16.5 per cent of the total number of city-based internet users, and in June it was 14.6 per cent. In the countryside, there are decidedly fewer mature internet users visiting, and they are almost exclusively male.

gemiusAudience in Romania is a study that measures online audiences using it's proprietary fusion methodology, proprietary site-centric data, proprietary user-centric data and structural data provided by BRAT through SNA FOCUS study.

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