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Romania: TOP5 social networks

Romania: TOP5 social networks

Social networks are an important venue for web users in Romania. The five most popular websites of this kind were visited by about 80.5 per cent of the country’s internet users in May 2017. Gemius analysed who was most active and on which sites.

Number one among social networks in Romania is Facebook. In May it was used by over 5.5 million people, representing almost 79.8 per cent of internet users in the country (source: gemiusAudience). Mark Zuckerburg’s website is more often visited by men, who make up 51.1 per cent of users, while women make up 48.8 per cent. From the education level perspective, Facebook is most frequently visited by people with a high school education - they constitute 38.1 per cent of the site’s visitors. The site is also more popular among urban population, at 64.3 per cent of users.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Second and third places in terms of social network popularity in Romania go to Pinterest and Instagram, which in May were visited by about 724,400 web users (10.5 per cent of Romanian internet users) and 660,700 users (9.5 per cent), respectively. It is interesting to note that both these sites are most popular among the same groups of users. Urban dwellers represent 75.0 per cent of Instagram’s visitors and 61.5 per cent of those frequenting Pinterest. Gender data shows that men are more keento visit both of these sites. Men represented 51.5 per cent of users on Instagram in May, and 50.6 per cent on Pinterest. In terms of the educational level of users, both sites were most frequently visited by the high-school-educated, who accounted for 44.6 and 29.6 per cent, respectively.

Professional and on topic

The ranking of the five most popular social media in Romania closes with LinkedIn and Twitter. Those interested in maintaining professional contacts and in tweeting totalled 644,000 users (9.2 per cent of users) and 582,000 users (8.4 per cent), respectively. The most heavily represented group for each of the two sites is that of urban dwellers, at 82.7 per cent of site users and 66.0 per cent, respectively. Both sites also show a marked preference among men. Men represented 59.7 per cent of visitors to LinkedIn in May, and 62.4 per cent to Twitter.

The analysis was based on data for desktops and laptops.

gemiusAudience in Romania is a study that measures online audiences using it's proprietary fusion methodology, proprietary site-centric data, proprietary user-centric data and structural data provided by BRAT through SNA FOCUS study.

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