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Polish e-consumers on foreign websites

One in eight Polish internet users shops on foreign websites (13 per cent). The majority of those surveyed shop for clothes and accessories. Find out more from the latest report on e-commerce. 

According to the latest report on the e-commerce market, a quarter of e-consumers shop on foreign websites. When asked about the foreign services and websites where they had shopped in the last six months, Ebay was the most frequently mentioned by Polish internet users, with one quarter (25 per cent) naming this service. Amazon came second (11 per cent) and AliExpress took third place (7 per cent).

“Although Polish consumers visit both the foreign website and the Polish, this service has not conquered the domestic market and poses no threat to the dominant auction platform, Allegro”, comments Karolina Karas from Gemius.

In her opinion, the phenomenon of Chinese service AliExpress is the most interesting. “This service allows consumers to make transactions directly in China, often with free delivery to Poland. AliExpress is not only one of the most popular foreign platforms offering online sales. According to data from research by Megapanel PBI/Gemius, it is the second most popular online shop in Poland. It is outselling shops like and, which have been known to Poles for many years”, says Karolina Karas.

37 per cent of internet users bought clothes and accessories

It turns out that foreign online purchases are popular mainly among people aged 25 to 34, with a higher education and living in cities with over 200,000 residents. When asked about categories of purchased products and services, respondents indicated clothes and accessories (37.3 per cent), books, CDs and films (32.6 per cent) and multimedia (23.5 per cent) in the first instance.

“Poles are buying clothing brands which are not available in Poland or clothes that are simply cheaper in foreign online shops. Meanwhile, with its vast range of e-books, Amazon (among others) has contributed to the high popularity of books, CDs, videos and multimedia ordered over the internet from abroad”, comments Karolina Karas from Gemius.

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