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Poles shopping at online pharmacies

One order at an online pharmacy is worth an average of PLN 138. Two thirds of visitors to these websites abandon their shopping baskets and do not finish their orders. A visit to an online pharmacy takes less than seven minutes on average. Find out what other information about the online pharmacy market is included in the report on Polish e-commerce.

According to the latest report on the Polish e-commerce market, prepared by Gemius for e-Commerce Polska, Poles visiting online pharmacies spend an average of PLN 138 per transaction. In turn, the average price of a purchased pharmaceutical product is less than PLN 23, meaning that customers of online pharmacies frequently decide to buy six or seven products in one go.

Karolina Karaś from Gemius explains this result as follows: people who buy from online pharmacies choose to purchase so many products with each order to benefit from the option of free shipping. 

One third of e-customers finish their orders

One out of every three internet users who add items to their virtual shopping baskets finishes the transaction (32 per cent). Two thirds of shoppers abandon the purchase (68 per cent). Is that a lot? Gemius’ Karolina Karaś believes that the basket abandonment rate of nearly 70 per cent is not surprising.

‘Customers frequently abandon their shopping baskets and leave the online shop in order to choose another online service, which may be cheaper or more trusted. It often happens that, in the end, internet users decide to make a purchase at a regular pharmacy, because of the high delivery costs of the product when ordering online. The reason for basket abandonment can also be related to problems with the finalization of the order, due to complicated forms, technical errors on the website or simply a badly designed service from the point of view of usability for the end user,’ says Karaś.

Almost 7 minutes on online pharmacy websites

It also turns out that internet users spend an average of six minutes and 52 seconds on the analysed websites and perform an average of 4.3 views within a single visit.

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