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Online shopping – what do Poles purchase online?

Online shopping – what do Poles purchase online?

Online shopping has become a widespread phenomenon in Poland. The latest report on the Polish e-commerce market reveals which product categories are most frequently purchased online.

The fashion for fashion

The report ‘E-commerce in Poland 2016. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska’ shows that the three product categories most frequently purchased online are: clothes and accessories (72 per cent of those surveyed claim to have bought products in this category), books, CDs and films (68 per cent), and phones, smartphones, tablets and mobile accessories (56 per cent). Clothes and accessories are also the most popular products with those purchasing via foreign websites. The places in the popularity ranking shift when we break down the results by gender, age or education of e-consumers.

‘There are three key factors affecting the popularity of online clothes shopping: price, convenience and variety,’ says Dr Jolanta Tkaczyk of Kozminski University. ‘The convenience of making the purchase is also important – all day, every day, without moving from your computer, you can browse clothes from global brands, which are often unavailable in local shops in Poland. The problem of not being able to try on and view the goods is compensated by free delivery, and there is often the option of free returns of purchased products. Consumers buying online can withdraw from the contract within 14 days, while some online clothing shops offer up to 100 days for the return of goods. So without much risk, you can order clothes, try them on at home, and return them with next to no consequences if they don’t meet your expectations,’ adds Tkaczyk.

Shopping according to stereotype

Women go for product categories such as clothes and accessories, cosmetics, jewellery and shoes more often than men. They also claim to buy more toys and children’s items. Men, however, are more likely to shop online for electronic items, software, cars, collectors’ items and insurance.

Shopping at every age

Respondents aged 25-34 are more likely to buy clothes, books and films, and electronics online than other age groups. They are also more likely to buy cinema tickets, cosmetics and children’s items than the other groups. Meanwhile, booking travel online is equally popular among internet users aged 25-34 and those aged 50+ (at 54 per cent). The oldest group of respondents also tend to buy electrical and household appliances online (63 per cent).

‘In the purchase of electric and household appliances, we see an inversion of the ROPO effect – the purchase of products online after viewing them in a regular shop. The services around the product, such as collection guarantee and hardware configuration, are also important in choosing an online electronics shop,’ explains Gemius expert Krzysztof Zieliński. ‘The ongoing computerisation of ticket services promotes the growth of online purchases and payments. Meanwhile, the growing popularity of fast transfers will encourage impulse purchases and micropayments. The Polish e-commerce market still has many niches for interesting purchase models which respond to the needs of demanding e-consumers,’ adds Zieliński.

An educated people’s market

The results of the report ‘E-commerce in Poland 2016. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska’ indicate that people with a higher education are much more interested in almost all product categories available online. They purchase theatre/ cinema tickets, electrical and household appliances, and pharmaceutical products much more often than others. They also make travel and tour bookings more often.

More details on the data can be found in the full version of the report: ‘E-commerce in Poland 2016. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska’.



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