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Online advertising market in Central and Eastern Europe

Online advertising market in Central and Eastern Europe

Central European online advertising campaigns are mainly based on regular banners, with rich media formats still less frequent. More up-to-date data on the online advertising market in 13 Central and Eastern European countries are provided in the gemiusAdMonitor report, available at

In the first half of 2017, standard banners were used on average in 82 per cent of online advertising campaigns in all the countries analysed. It was Romanian marketers who resorted to this tool most often (for 91 per cent of their campaigns). The smallest share of banners in internet campaigns was recorded in Ukraine (65 per cent). In most countries, 300x250 was the most popular format in this category.

New tools in every third campaign

On average, rich media formats (multimedia ads) were used in 32 per cent of online advertising campaigns in the markets analysed, and the Czech Republic is the leader in the use of rich media in advertising (56 per cent).Such formats were least used in Latvia (12 per cent). The most popular and also the most frequently clicked ads in this category were those including videos.

Hungarian faithful to PCs, mobile Turks

In Hungary, internet ads were most frequently displayed on desktop PC and laptop screens (77 per cent of total advertising in this country). The highest share of ad screening on smartphones was recorded in Turkey and Romania (36 per cent), while the relatively highest share of ads delivered on tablets was reported in Slovakia (8 per cent).

Higher CTR for rich media

Among the 13 countries surveyed, the highest click-through rate was recorded in Turkey (CTR at 1.16 per cent) and the lowest – in the Czech Republic (CTR at 0.43 per cent). Data show that on average, rich media formats reached a higher CTR than banners in all countries. In the region, telecommunications and food product industry (including beverages) ads were the ones most often clicked-through.

The Gemius Report, gemiusAdMonitor, presents detailed information on internet advertising in 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary). It contains information on trends in online advertising, the effectiveness of individual forms of advertising, rankings of the most popular advertising formats and profiles of internet users exposed to online advertising. The most recent data for the first half of 2017 are available at

─ The indicator "viewability" deserves some special attention when analysed in the division into regular banner and richmedia. Despite the greater potential of richmedia to attract the customer with video and sound, it performs slightly lower in terms of viewability than the regular ad banners. This is due to the fact that richmedia formats are more often placed in the upper ad slot ─ comments Łukasz Pytlewski, MEC Analytics and Insight. ─ The larger weight of such creatives means that they take longer to load and display while a user enjoys content located further down a page. Also worth noticing is the growing trend in average CTR value. It is not surprising in light of the fact that media houses try to optimise campaigns bought via CPM by the volume of clicks. The popularity of analytical solutions involving attribution modeling also means that image activities are evaluated based on their impact on the volume of online conversions. The growth in CTR is further explained by the larger volume of ads screened on mobile devices, which in this respect are advantageous over desktop ─ says Pytlewski.



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