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One in four internet users to increase expenditures on online shopping?

One quarter of Poles who shop online are considering spending more money this way. On the other hand, a reduction in quotas for online spending is declared by four per cent of internet users. Find out what else there is to know about online expenditures from the report on e-commerce.

The latest report on the e-commerce market, prepared by Gemius for e-Commerce Polska, shows that in the coming year more than a quarter of internet users who shop online (26 per cent) plan to increase the amount of money they spend online. In comparison, four per cent of those surveyed declare a reduction in expenditures on online shopping. However, nearly half of all e-consumers anticipate that the amount of money they will spend online in the coming year will remain at a level similar to their current expenditure.

In terms of planned budgets for shopping, consumer declarations are very similar to those seen in 2014. A similar proportion of respondents are still planning an increase in expenditures on online shopping but, importantly, significantly fewer are planning to reduce their expenditures. 'This suggests that the e-commerce market will continue its rapid growth, especially since consumers perceive online shopping to be convenient and affordable, and to offer more choice and comparison of products,' comments Krzysztof Majkowski, an expert from Gemius.

More men than women are planning to increase their online expenditures

Compared to women, men declared an increase in expenditures on goods and services purchased online slightly more often (28 per cent vs 26 per cent). The largest groups of those planning a higher budget for online shopping were internet users aged 35-49 (30 per cent), people with secondary education (29 per cent) and those who assess the financial situation of their household to be good (32 per cent).

Monthly expenditures of the Polish e-consumer

How much do Polish internet users allocate for online shopping? For example, over a month they spend an average of PLN 82.5 on shoes, an average of PLN 75 on clothes and accessories, and an average of PLN 42 on books, CDs and films.

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