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On which devices do internet users watch advertisements?

On which devices do internet users watch advertisements?

Internet users in Moldova most often view adverts on personal computers (PCs). Smartphone adverts are most frequently clicked by Turks, and tablet adverts by Slovaks. Check out the latest Gemius study on how web users view advertisements in Eastern and Central Europe.

The study details data on ad viewing indices across 14 countries taken from the latest report from gemiusAdMonitor. The report will be available at

Highest PC views

Of the analysed devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) the greatest share of ad views is for personal computers with 92.1 per cent, which is for Moldova and the highest of all results for PCs. Users are also happy to click on adverts on these devices in Ukraine, where the figure is 86.8 per cent, and in Slovenia, with 92.8 per cent. The lowest rate of PC views was recorded in Turkey with 68.7 per cent, with Romania at 69.1 per cent, and Serbia at 72.7 per cent.

Smartphones in Turkey, tablets in Slovakia

Data from gemiusAdMonitor show that smartphone ad views are most frequent among users in Turkey, where the share of views is 29.3 per cent. The proportion of views from smartphones is also high in Romania, with 27.1 per cent, and in Serbia, with 22.8 per cent. The lowest share of small screen ad views is among web users in Moldova, where the share of views of material on smartphones is 6.2 per cent, with Ukraine at 9.4 per cent and Latvia at 13 per cent.

Meanwhile, in the case of tablets, the highest share of views is found in Slovakia, where it is 7.3 per cent. Just behind that is Estonia at 6.3 per cent and Czech, with 5.9 per cent. Adverts on these devices are least commonly viewed in Bulgaria, where the index of views reaches only 3.3 per cent.

'Looking at the impression share, i.e. the percentage of views made, it is immediately clear that Turkey and Romania are the countries where internet users view the most advertisements on mobile phones. And yet, this result is no surprise, since both markets have for some time not only been talking about mobile, but have also been investing heavily in it,’ explains Weronika Ośko, Agency Business Development for the EMEA region at Gemius. ‘It is worth noting the increasing share of rich media formats, i.e. those which engage viewer interaction using video or audio. Their share is increasing relative to banner advertisements, which reconfirms the need for user engagement, and that to attract their attention, advertisers need to be more creative and use more refined forms and channels. The trend we are observing is one of steady growth in the contribution of display, mainly due to programmatic. Going through the data for the latest edition of the report, we noticed that viewability – the presence of material in the user’s field of view – has permanently entered the canon of mostly commonly checked measurements,’ adds Ośko.

The cited data is taken from the gemiusAdMonitor report, a comprehensive study into the most popular advertising formats of the sectors most commonly advertising online, and trends in mobile advertising, covering 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. The report provides data for the second half of 2016.

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Weronika Ośko

Agency Business Development EMEA Director

As Agency Business Development EMEA Director she is responsible for Gemius’ agency business development globally.

At Gemius since December 2012 as International Business Development Manager, afterwards Regional Manager. She gained her professional experience at Evolution Media Net, an online advertising network, a part of Ballroom International Network, where for two years as International Communication Manager she was responsible for sales on the Central and Eastern Europe markets, in Russia and in Turkey. Earlier, she worked at Aim Strategies in New York, where her duties included taking care of intercultural communication and issues of virtual teams management. She began her business career at Academic Business Incubator.

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