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New data type in Mediapanel

New data type in Mediapanel

The Mediapanel study has been enriched with a new type of data. Starting from the results for January 1, 2023, users can analyze the sources of traffic for individual domains and services. New data is available for both audited and non-audited parties, broken down by PC, Phones and PC + Phones platforms.

The new module allows users to determine the traffic structure for individual media channels, taking into consideration four types of sources: direct (direct visits to the website), search (search engines), social (social media) and referral (other sources). Traffic sources can be analyzed based on such indicators as the number of real users (RU), the number of views (Views) or time (Time), for any periods available in the study.

Providing Mediapanel users with a new type of data is another stage in the development of single-source media research. The solution has been developed together with the market, and it will also be further developed - soon we will present even more detailed information on traffic sources, e.g. traffic from content aggregators or traffic from the Owner's Group and outside the Group.

We operate in a particularly rapidly changing market area, which is why our Mediapanel study, launched successfully in October 2020, is constantly being developed and improved. Traffic sources are just such a project, among others, in the expectations of the purchasing party. The result of the implementation of traffic sources is greater objectivity and transparency of the results of the Mediapanel study. The availability of the functionality of traffic sources in audience research is also unique on a European scale - other online audience measurement standards in Europe do not provide their clients with such reports

- says Paweł Laskowski, President of the Management Board of PBI (Polskie Badań Internetu).

The introduction of traffic sources to Mediapanel is the result of intensive work of the Gemius and PBI team and many conversations with our clients, who first reported such a need to us, and then together we developed the substantive assumptions of this solution. I am very happy that at the beginning of the new year we were able to present to our users the effect of this work, and with it - a new quality in the research, which is the analysis of traffic sources for our own and competitive websites, broken down by platform, along with the possibility of defining target groups -

- comments Aleksandra Załęska, Head of Audience Department at Gemius.

Traffic source analysis is something the market has been waiting for for a long time, adds Jacek Makowski, Gemius Country Manager for Poland. Thanks to the new data, Mediapanel has become a comprehensive product and even more useful from the point of view of publishers and marketers, who gained access to data in one place, which until now had to be obtained from various sources.

All Mediapanel users have access to the new type of data, regardless of the type of research access package they have. Traffic sources are also available via the API.

About Mediapanel

Mediapanel is the first cross-media study in Poland based on a single source. The study combines site-centric measurement (measurement scripts at the site and application level) and user-centric measurement (panelists' behavior). In the production of data, we use proprietary, internationally recognized methodologies and algorithms. The Mediapanel study provides a complete and reliable picture of the Polish online market. It offers the possibility of analyzing and comparing the viewership of websites, applications and streaming materials on various types of devices, optimization of advertising budgets, comparison of traffic on desktops and laptops at home (PC-home) and at work (PC-work), as well as determining the position of the entity and its competition.

You can read more about the Mediapanel here.

For another countries than Poland, visit Gemius Audience website.

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