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Most popular Turkish websites

News websites are visited by the largest number of Turkish internet users, the most popular being Which other domestic websites are Turks interested in? Check out the ranking prepared by Gemius.

The lineup shows the 10 most popular domestic websites according to number of visitors. News services are the most popular – there are six in the ranking, led by the popular However, the top ten most visited websites also include services offering shopping, entertainment and technology news. Auction services are found in second and tenth position ( and In the remaining two positions are a video service, the Turkish equivalent of ( and an information and technology news website (

The most popular Turkish news website is visited by 8 milion users. What does this mean for digital publishers and agencies? – The digital advertising investment results show an increase of 20 per cent in the mobile, video and display categories, according to the announcement of IAB Turkey for the first six months of 2015 – says İdil Kesten, industry expert and head of the Turkish branch of Gemius.

– This number is well above Turkey's growth. Media is becoming more and more digital, and the brands know it. Finally, digital publishers and agencies are reaching their target profits. With the new technologies, more personalised data and the awareness of the brands, growth acceleration will increase in the coming years –comments Kesten.

About the research

The data comes from gemiusAudience, an international research project conducted by Gemius in around 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It aims to determine the number and demographic profile of internet users and to learn about the ways in which they use the net: websites, audio and video material, or applications. The research is carried out in compliance with the international code of conduct ICC/ESOMAR. In Turkey it is carried out under the IAB Turkey Internet Audience Measurement Study.

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Idil Kesten

Head of Turkish branch and industry expert

Online marketing expert leading Turkish branch of Gemius’ business since September 2013.

She gained her professional experience at Reuters, Newsweek Turkey and Hannover-Messe. For over 3 years she was working for ComScore where she was responsible for managing sales and client service requests for all comScore products available in the market.

Idil graduated from University of Athens and gained a Certificate of Marketing Communication at Galatasaray University.

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