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Mobile ads gaining ground

An average of 3 per cent of advertisements in the region of Central and East Europe is displayed on tablet and phone screens. Lithuania leads – a Gemius study on advertising activities in CEE suggests.

The analysis involved online advertising campaigns which were monitored by Gemius in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary. The ranking list includes data concerning all four quarters of 2012.

When comparing the first to the fourth quarter of 2012, one can clearly see that all the researched markets recorded some increase in the share of mobile impressions measured in that period. The most significant rise was observed in Lithuania (by 190 per cent compared with the first quarter). Tablet and telephone generated ad views accounted for nearly 5 per cent of all displayed online ads in that country, which is also the best result in the entire region. 

A high increase in portable device displays was also noted in Poland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary. A somewhat slower pace of changes on the mobile advertising market was seen in: Latvia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.

The largest share of ads displayed on portable devices in the fourth quarter of 2012 was observed in Lithuania, Serbia and Hungary. The region’s mean result was 3 per cent at that time. Below this benchmark were: Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Slovenia. 

However, the data for all four quarters show that it is not in all the countries that a stable upward trend was noted. Some falls were observed over the year in Hungary (Q4), Slovenia (Q4) and Ukraine (Q3). In turn, on the Czech and Bulgarian markets the share of mobile ads in the total number of online impressions measured in the fourth quarter remained unchanged compared to Q3. 

Tamas Acs, Gemius expert in digital advertising, emphasizes that the growing interest in mobile advertising sector is justified by Gemius data. Mobile devices are used more and more nowadays for surfing the web, what provides marketers a strong signal of a serious interest in this channel for marketing communication. – Data shows that Hungary, Lithuania and Serbia are the market leaders when it comes to consumption of advertisements via mobile devices in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Although there is still a lot of space to grow the pace of change is enormous and the segment of mobile advertising in this part of the world is increasingly recognized by advertisers – comments Acs.

The above data originates from gemiusAdMonitor, a comprehensive report on the most popular advertising formats, most frequently advertised industries and trends in mobile advertising, covering 12 countries of Central and East Europe. It is based on gemiusDirectEffect, Gemius online advertising campaigns effectiveness measurement and AdOcean, Gemius ad serving tool to manage the advertising space. The report is prepared in 6-month cycles from 2011. It can be downloaded from

Click here to download the AdMonitor report.

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Michał Włodarczyk

Head of Publishers & Ad networks Team at polish branch of Gemius

Head of Publishers & Ad networks Team at polish branch of Gemius

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