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Meet the Polish e-commerce

Expert advice, practical information, and above all – results of  e-commerce research. Who are the Polish e-consumers? Gemius, together with the Chamber of Digital Economy, has prepared a report for foreign investors titled “E-commerce in Poland 2014. Meet consumers, observe trends, invest, find partners”. 

Four in five Polish internet users visit e-commerce websites. Three-quarters of the online Poles have had the experience of online shopping. Every tenth of these e-consumers opted for a foreign store. There’s no doubt that the Polish online business is experiencing a boom. This is why, Gemius prepared the report catering for the needs of entrepreneurs who intend to invest in the Polish e-commerce. 

“Poland holds an enormous purchase potential, generated by its nearly forty-million strong nation, with more half of them being active internet users. The largest players have already discovered the potential of Polish e-business and decided to invest in that country”, says Mateusz Gordon, e-commerce expert at Gemius. 

The report author further explains that Poland is not only a country of consumers. ”Poland is also home to new technologies and talented people who can contribute to the development of e-business in CEE and world-wide. The competitive advantage of Polish specialist over their Western European colleagues is the costs related to their work”, adds Gordon.

The report in the link presents some key information concerning the Polish market and features a description of the Polish e-consumer with comments of experts in relevant fields of business, pointing out to the possibilities and threats of the local e-commerce. The paper also offers some practical information for investors from outside Poland. With their needs in mind, the report advices on how to select an RTB agency or what considerations should be taken into account when opting for SEM. It also provides legal and tax information as well as a catalogue of member companies of the Chamber of Digital Economy (e-Chamber), which is an association of e-commerce businesses in Poland.

Chamber of Digital Economy (e-Chamber) is a partner of the report that was prepared under media patronage of the Ministry of Economy.

The English language version of the report is available here.

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