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Is Wikipedia still popular?

Half of Polish internet users go to Wikipedia. Compared to Poland, in 2014 the free encyclopedia enjoyed slightly less popularity in Russia, Denmark, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. Have a closer look at the changing popularity of Wikipedia in selected countries over the recent years.

Wikipedia was launched in 2001. It serves as a source of knowledge for a number of internet users. Gemius has decided to check how popular the website was among adult online users in Poland, Denmark, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Hungary. Subject to the analysis was data from 2010–2014.

Here is what turned out:

  • In the analysed countries, Poland has the highest share of internet users who enter An analysis of data for the last five years showed that the website enjoys a stable interest of almost half of the online population.
  • In Russia, since 2011 the best-known internet encyclopedia has been consistently attracting nearly two out of every five users.
  • The interest in Wikipedia is on a rise in Denmark. In 2014 it was visited by on average of four in ten internet users in a month (38 per cent), while in 2010 this figure was three in ten users (29 per cent).
  • In 2014 the popularity of Wikipedia dropped as compared to 2013 in: Turkey (from 33 per cent to 28 per cent), Ukraine (from 34 per cent to 31 per cent) and Hungary (from 38 per cent to 31 per cent).

About the research

The data comes from gemiusAudience, an international research project conducted by Gemius in around 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It aims to determine the number and demographic profile of internet users and to learn about the ways in which they use the net: websites, audio and video material, or applications. The research is carried out in compliance with the international code of conduct ICC/ESOMAR. GemiusAudience is known as Turkey Internet Audience Measurement (in Turkey), Megapanel PBI/Gemius (in Poland), gemius/Ipsos Audience Fusion Hungary (in Hungary).

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