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Internet users versus ads – what do we click on the most?

In which countries do internet users click on ads most likely and which formats are most effective? Gemius knows these answers. Data from over a  dozen markets across Central and Eastern Europe are now available at Users can analyse the data and download their findings in modern infographics.

The data come from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. Currently on the website, the data for the last two semesters of 2015 can be analysed.

Ukrainian internet users click ads most likely

The report shows that the highest Click Through Rate (average CTR) was achieved in campaigns in Ukraine (1.16 per cent). Bulgaria came in second, with a Click Through Rate of 0.67 per cent. In third place was Turkey (0.66 per cent).

The most popular ad forms were Regular Banners

According to long-observed trends, the most popular ad forms of online advertising were Regular Banners – a graphical format conveying informational or advertising content. The only country in which this type of advertising was used in less than 70 per cent of all campaigns was the Czech Republic (66 per cent). In other analysed countries, more than 70 per cent of campaigns involved these types of ads, with the usage reaching 94 per cent in Hungary.

As the data show at, Rich Media ad formats (i.e. multimedia ads) have much lower usage. Their involvement in campaigns exceeded 50 per cent in only two European countries, Slovenia and the Czech Republic (54 per cent).

Higher CTR for Rich Media ad formats

Although involvement of Regular Banner ads in campaigns is significantly higher, those campaigns which use Rich Media ad formats have higher Click Through Rates. The only exception is the Czech Republic. Here, CTR for both formats is close, although Regular Banner ads have slightly higher CTR (0.29 per cent) compared to Rich Media ads (0.28 per cent).

Most impressions are still on PCs

Comparing PCs, tablets and phones for viewing ads, PCs won in all analysed countries with the highest number of views. The highest percentage of ads viewed on PCs was 89 per cent, which was registered in three countries: Slovenia, Poland and Ukraine. The least, 75 per cent, was in Serbia.

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