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Instagram – a step towards e-commerce

Instagram – a step towards e-commerce

Instagram is currently testing a new function to allow the sale of products directly via the photographs published through the network. Currently, this option is available only for Instagram users in the United States. Will this trend influence the buying decisions of internet users and the e-commerce sector itself? An answer to this question is provided by Krzysztof Majkowski, head of the consulting department at Gemius.

Putting a value on inspiration

The function being tested by Instagram is an elaboration of an idea which has also been put to use by other networks, namely Pinterest, where purchases of this kind were available a long time prior. The guiding principle behind both web portals is the supply of inspiration. Seeing a product on a photograph often makes us want to check its price or stores where we can purchase it from. However, identifying these details based on a photograph is frequently fraught with difficulties. By developing this new function, Instagram will meet the expectations of consumers and launch a new sales channel. As a consequence, the application will be given additional huge commercial potential, particularly for individuals specialising in promotion.

Greater safety thanks to one application

The use of mobile devices for the purpose of making purchases is on the rise. Taking into account all the aspects of using these devices, it is especially important for this process to be simple and convenient for the user. Unfortunately, the process is often problematic and the clients are worried about transaction safety, among other issues. This makes bringing the process to a conclusion within a single application which we have trust in, a very good move indeed.

The world of e-commerce without a revolution

In the short-term scenario, the solution will not alter the structure of the e-commerce market to a significant degree. It will certainly add a competitive dimension to the popular e-commerce platforms, including auction websites. It should be remembered, however, that the number of Instagram users, although sizeable, remains limited, and the application plays a different role in the life of consumers. Therefore, it seems unlikely that new consumers would start to open Instagram accounts on a mass scale in order to be able to shop via this application.

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