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2021 summary and forecasts for 2022 in Gemius Experts comments

2021 summary and forecasts for 2022 in Gemius Experts comments

Gemius Poland Experts, Sylwester Kubiak - Sales Manager of the Publishers Team and Sebastian Jedamski - Team Leader of the Agency and Advertising Team, in the comments for and, summarize 2021 and forecast what awaits the industry in 2022.

Internet and mobile marketing: events and trends in 2021, forecasts for 2022 - Sebastian Jedamski comments for

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Sebastian Jedamski, Team Leader of the Agency and Advertising Team, Gemius Poland

The event of the year

Tokyo 2020 Olympics and related logistic challenges. The organizers were forced to come up with innovative solutions and make difficult decisions to keep the high level of sporting events in the reality of the pandemic and its constraints. This resulted in a limited number of fans in the Olympic arenas and necessitated online broadcasting. According to the AdColony study, almost 50% of respondents declared watching the games on mobile devices. NBC, which had the rights to broadcast the games in the US, took advantage of this trend. It established a cooperation with Snapchat, Twitch and Twitter, within which short Olympic content was published. This, in turn, enabled NBC advertisers to effectively reach consumers, including those viewing Olympics-related content, via their smartphones.

The most important trends in 2021 and the trend for 2022

The development of m-commerce in the era of a pandemic. According to the Gemius report "E-commerce in Poland 2021"  , already 76% of the Internet users make purchases via mobile devices, and in the youngest group of respondents this percentage is as high as 92%. The consequence of this development is the optimization of websites or applications in terms of quick and convenient shopping by users, e.g. by simplifying the method of logging in and paying. We spend more and more time with a mobile or tablet in hand - we communicate, play, work, watch movies and we do it more and more willingly. Example? According to data from the Mediapanel study, the average time that the internet user spent browsing VOD platforms via mobile devices in November 2021 was 3 hours and 50 minutes. This is 3 hours more than in the corresponding period of 2020. When it comes to 2022, I expect mobile marketing to take first place in the minds of marketers. PUSH notifications, SMS sending, mobile mailing, voice search are channels that will be more often used in marketing communication.

What the pandemic changed in my industry in 2021?

The dynamic development of e-commerce during the pandemic has expanded the marketing competences of advertisers, who more and more often resort to analyzes and research themselves, including those related to the mobile market. As a result, we see an increased interest in purchasing research directly by the advertisers.

The biggest challenge for 2022

In Mobile communication, the greatest challenge will be the ability to use the opportunities offered by 5G technology. Those who possess this skill will surely gain a competitive advantage.

The 8 most important events in the e-commerce industry in 2021 - Sylwester Kubiak comments for

You can read whole article in Polish on HERE

Sylwester Kubiak - Sales Manager of Publishers Team, Gemius Poland

1. Amazon's entry into Poland ...

... which marked the beginning of the year in Polish e-commerce. The appearance of the American giant in Poland was supposed to revolutionize the market and lead to the Allegro-Amazon duopoly, meanwhile, according to the Gemius "E-commerce in Poland 2021" Report, the leader is still Allegro. In the survey of spontaneous knowledge of e-commerce entities, the Polish platform was indicated as the first by 84% of respondents. There are also indications that the brand's position may be strengthened due to the fact that ...

2. Allegro takes over the Mall Group

Connecting the forces of Allegro and Mall groups is a chance for the Polish platform to conquer other markets in Central and Eastern Europe. It also proves that Allegro aims high and has not yet said the last word. I will be observing the effects of these activities with interest.

3. New players on the parcel lockers market

There is no need to convince anyone that more and more Poles use parcel lockers and they do it more and more often. The pandemic only strengthened this trend, allowing consumers to pick up the ordered products without contacting the courier. This market is dominated by InPost - according to the Gemius "E-commerce in Poland 2021" Report, for 77% of respondents, the InPost parcel locker is the most frequently chosen form of delivery when shopping online, and for 81% it is the form most encouraging to buy online. So is there a room for a competition in this market? Orlen and Poczta Polska decided to check it and launched their delivery services for parcel lockers. Orlen Paczka and SmartBox have big ambitions, although this year they have not yet managed to carve out a significant piece of the parcel locker cake. I am curious how they will handle the next one.

4. InPost reusable packaging

Meanwhile, InPost announces a real revolution - a response to one of the biggest problems of e-commerce, i.e. the overproduction of a disposable packaging. Reusable returnable packaging, so far tested together with the MODIVO brand, has a chance to make deliveries in online shopping more ecological. The idea is not free from flaws - it involves, among others, the necessity to visit the parcel locker again after unpacking, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. I keep my fingers crossed for this initiative.

5. Increase in smartphone purchases

It's not a trend anymore, it's a fact. M-commerce is gaining in importance, largely due to young people. This year's Gemius e-commerce report clearly shows that as many as 92% of respondents aged 15-24 used a smartphone in the online shopping process. In the all group, this percentage is 76% - only 2 pp. less than the laptop - most used for e-shopping. What does this mean for entrepreneurs selling their goods and services online? It means, that if they have not adapted their stores to the needs of mobile users, they are already one step behind the competition and they should fix their mistake as soon as possible.

6. The q-commerce offensive

15-minute deliveries are starting to revolutionize the e-grocery market. For e-consumers, speed is important, and the delivery of daily products in a short time brings this form of shopping closer to a traditional visit to the store, but without leaving your home. Something that seemed unreal not so long ago is now becoming a fact - there are already several companies in Warsaw offering instant home grocery delivery. I believe that in the long term we will be observing the consolidation of this type of services, which will result in the fact that the market will remain the strongest.

7. Dark stores

More retail chains are investing in a dark stores. The idea of ​​dedicated e-commerce points of sale, which cannot be accessed by "off-street" customers, follows the same trend as 15-minute deliveries: it is supposed to minimize the delivery time. Dark stores therefore perfectly meet the needs of consumers, but also allow stores to optimize storage and delivery costs. Sounds like a recipe for success.

8. Growth of the e-commerce market

Finally, I would like to point out the dynamic development of e-commerce in general. The number of e-commerce stores is growing - in the first quarter of 2021 it was an increase of approx. 70% year-on-year. The percentage of people buying online is also growing - Gemius data shows that 77% of Internet users already buy online. While the pandemic is certainly promoting online commerce, I am convinced that the changes that have taken place in consumers at that time are changes that will last longer.

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