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IAB for friendly online advertising

The American branch of IAB has launched the L.E.A.N. programme – Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive Ads. The aim of the initiative is to support the development of advertising which is more efficient, effective, attractive to consumers and meets the assumptions of marketers. – This is a response to people's growing aversion to all forms of online advertising – says Małgorzata Jankowska-Blank, head of the legal department at Gemius.

New content quality, effective delivery model

The IAB Tech Lab wants to provide publishers with tools that will allow them to create valuable content corresponding to the needs of consumers, thus providing income for the content creators. Within L.E.A.N., IAB will focus on various areas, including appropriate ad targeting, enhancing the number of consumer-message encounters and optimizing the area occupied by ads, as well as their visibility.

– These measures are extremely important, especially against the business model backdrop, where funds from paid ads finance everyone's access to free content. They are also important in the context of the increasingly popular "programmatic marketing" and other ways of using technology in advertising services – says Małgorzata Jankowska-Blank.

Changes worth participating in

The head of Gemius' legal department also notes that it is worthwhile tracking the changes that occur as a result of the new programme. – If we want to maintain today's status quo, to reverse the negative trend and prevent the fragmentation of the market, where only the US giants will remain, we need to break the spell cast by online advertising and create a friendly channel of communication with the internet user, rather than another form of spam. All participants in the market, including publishers, technology providers and ad creators, should be closely monitoring the developments if they are not actively participating in them – she explains.

The L.E.A.N. programme is under the custody of the board of IAB Tech Lab. The regulations made within this programme will help in developing future advertising standards for the global digital marketing ecosystem. The creation of the programme is the result of a meeting of leaders in digital marketing from around the world during the IAB Global Summit 2015, which was held between September 30 and October 1 this year in New York.

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