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Google products on the Polish Internet

Google products on the Polish Internet

Google websites and PC software are used by 97 per cent of the Polish internet population. The Google Translate site has 5 million visitors a month, while has a mere 311 thousand. Which of the American giant’s products attract the most users? Check out this Gemius analysis.

The suite of Google products available in Poland features 28 websites and 3 PC software applications. Data has been gathered for the following websites: and (the Google search engine), and (Google Maps), and (Google Translate), and (Google Chrome). This breakdown does not include data relating to Google mobile apps. The data is for July 2016.

Report leaders

The most popular of all the websites is the Google search engine, which reaches 96.3 per cent of internet users in Poland. The top three also includes (18.5 million users and 73.5 per cent reach) and Google Maps (10.6 million users and 42.2 per cent reach). The fourth place spot was occupied by the free blogging platform, which in July was used by 9.3 million people (36.9 per cent reach). Google’s email service,, won over 7.6 million users (a reach of 30.2 per cent).

Google on mobile or desktop?

The difference between Google website rankings for PC and mobile devices is surprising. Take the example of For the month in question the blogging platform found itself in second place on mobile devices, with users numbering 4.8 million (a reach of 19.1 per cent). Meanwhile, the breakdown for PCs has it placing fifth, with 6.7 million users (a reach of 26.6 users).

Polish web users are more than happy to visit the online shop Gemius data shows it to be more popular on smartphones and tablets than on desktops. Mobile device users topped 3.6 million, while PC users numbered only 2.9 million. and are least popular

Bottom of the rankings were and with respective user numbers of 160,800 and 146,800 (0.64 and 0.58 per cent reach). is used for searching for scholarly literature. is the website for the Hangouts communications application, mainly employed by web users as a PC or mobile app.

Google Drive: the top desktop application

Gemius data shows the most frequently started up PC software to be Google Drive, with 792,400 instances. Google Earth, with its satellite images of the Earth, was second in the breakdown, having been started up 229,400 times in July of this year. The breakdown’s final listing is for Google Desktop, the desktop application for searching local computer files, with 98,500 start-ups.

The analysis details activity on personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices, and combined activity for all devices.

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